Iron Crest/Ashrokh Stud/Wayside Ranch || An update? || 20/01/'20 || Comments welcome

  • Welcom at Iron Crest Equestrian

    Iron Crest Equestrian

    About us

    Quality & Experiance

    Iron Crest is a medium sized center located in 'De fryske Wâlden' in the Netherlands. The center is owned and managed by Shea Hamilton. Iron Crest is a center focused on breeding and competing our horses

    alt text

    Our property

    Tranquility and Harmony

    Iron Crest is located in the Netherlands, where we house and train our horses in the tranquil area called 'De fryske Wâlden'. Our stables have capacity to house 75 horses, indoor and outdoor training facilities and separate barns for broodmares with their foals and the competing horses.
    [pictures will follow soon]

    alt text

    Our horses

    Quality horses

    Here at Iron Crest we stand for high quality horses. A horse born here or bred to one of our stallions is a guaranteed high quality horse. Our stable is centered around breeding and training Dutch Warmbloods and Haflingers. Both breeds are shown in either Show Jumping or Dressage.

  • Wow your editing skills give me chills :o Teach me XD

  • Hi welcome, your are just amazing facility and horses good luck and welcome again ;)

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Iron Crest Equestrian || 14-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    Wow your editing skills give me chills :o Teach me XD

    Ahw thank you <3 It's a shame I can't edit anymore since I have no tablet to do that (gonna need one soon though :smirk: ). These are just some old pictures :smile:

    @Nina-Ricchi said in Iron Crest Equestrian || 14-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    Hi welcome, your are just amazing facility and horses good luck and welcome again ;)

    Thank you <3 I'm working on a compleet stable tour for a blog entry. So more will follow soon!

  • Stable tour

    We introduce you to Iron Crest Equestrian! We recently move (again), so here a quick impression of our facilities!

    alt text

    Entering Iron Crest, you arrive at our main enterance with parking lot and the enterance to the main stable.

    alt text

    Then, moving through the main stable, you can see an open area with some paddocks. A great place for a horse to relax.

    alt text

    Behind the main stable, which you already saw before you pulled up at the parking lot, you spot two gorgeous outside dressage arena's and a lunging ring. "They are working very profesionally" you say to yourself.

    alt text

    Moving along, you spot the place where life begins. The broodmare stable with a seperate secure stable for the studs. You can smell de scent of fresh, clean hay.

    alt text

    You are impressed, this place is magnificent! Tranquil and harmonious, even the place where all the action happens, the covered jumping arena shows this.

    alt text

    Looking around in the stable for the horses in training, you spot an exit. "Where does this lead?" You ask yourself. Curiously, you go outside and find the outside jumping arena and think "These horses must have some serious potential, look at the height of those jumps!"

    alt text

    You're getting closer to the end of the property. How do you know? It's simple, the wide pastures appear in the distance. This is the place where the horses can be free for a while and enjoy life together.

    alt text

    "The horses are well taken care of" You say to yourself, judging by large amount of pastures. You can't imagine a beter place for your horses, this is where they belong. In these open fields.

    alt text

    The wide spaces disappear behind the trees, followed by the hills. You can't see the property anymore but, in your mind, you piece together all the different parts. Leaving you with one last image of the gorgeous place called, Iron Crest Equestrian.

  • gorgeous facility! I love how there's not a whole bunch of stone pathways, but instead dirt ones, it has a really nice feel to it!

  • Back in Action

    After a long break and a stressful moving period, we're finally getting back in action! Starting with an early morning training with one of our mares. IRCE Pixie Dust, a.k.a. Pixel shows of her moves once again.
    alt text
    Full screen here

    I saw Emily get Pixel ready for a training session. They've been working very hard before we moved, no wonder she's the first horse to get back in action again. That, and she's the most relaxed horse at the facilities. "Shea, could you maybe keep an eye on us?" She asked me before she left the stable, moving to the outdoor arena. "I know she probably won't do anything weird but still... I'd like some company and someone who can give me some feedback." Emily winked, not waiting for me to answer and left the stables with Pixel. Not thinking about it, I followed her. "Sure, I'll give you some feedback just give me a sign if you want to know something." and I winked back. Emily did her warming up with pixel and started their routine, never asking me for feedback. I watched them with full attention, "They are such a lovely combination..." I thought by myself and smiled.

  • Pixi is so so so cute <3

  • They are a lovely combo! :)

  • Wow Pixel😍 such a stunner!

  • Love the lighting on this!

  • @Nina-Ricchi said in Iron Crest Equestrian || Back in Action 15-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    Pixi is so so so cute <3

    I'm glad you like her! :smile: I think she's one of my favourite horses at IRCE.

    @Lidija-Rotherford said in Iron Crest Equestrian || Back in Action 15-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    They are a lovely combo! :)

    I'll soon send them back into the show ring! So more pictures of her will follow soon (hopefully). Hopefully they'll go and kick some butt! :smile:

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Iron Crest Equestrian || Back in Action 15-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    Wow Pixel😍 such a stunner!

    Thank you <3 I hope to show her some more this month, she'll have a foal in spring by a sire from @Kia-Williams So also some baby pictures will appear here soon!

    @Isabella-Khrazenzia said in Iron Crest Equestrian || Back in Action 15-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    Love the lighting on this!

    Early morning screenshots ;) Dawn gives such nice light, with a really nice feel to it. I'm happy to hear you like it :smile:

  • Your facilities are absolutely stunning and your horses look so beautiful! Pixel looks like she is enjoying herself.

  • The great escape

    Our first show is coming up soon! IRCE Ansgar and IRCE Waldemar will show their faces in the show ring once again! As preparation to these events we braid our horses' manes and wash them the day before, but lovely Wiliam had other plans.
    alt text
    Full screen here

    We all started preparing the horses for tomorrow. The big day we will make our comeback in the show ring. Having to prepare 8 horses I asked our stable hands Randal and Justin to help out as well. Ashlee taught them the basics for preparation for days like these. "Randal should start working with Wiliam I think" Ashlee said. "He is the easiest to handel and has the most patience. That would be the perfect combination for a first try doing this on your own" She followed up. We divided the other 7 horses over the six of us with me, Ashlee, Jill, Claire and Emily took on our show jumpers. I saw Randal struggle a bit at first, but he managed to get some decent braids. "Everyone done?" I called through the stable. Everyone replied, except for Randal. "Do you need some help Randal?!" Ashlee asked, to which he replied "I'll be fine almost done." As response to his reaction we left for lunch, a few minutes later Randal arrived as well. We sat for an hour and a half going through tomorrow's schedule and going over our show checklist. I was the first to leave, and feed the horses their second portion of the day. As I approached the Haflingers their stalls I noticed an open door. "Oh dear.... We should've told him to lock the door at the bottom as well" I walked outside and as expected I saw Wiliam standing near the hay stack "Ok, you're coming with me mister! "

  • Stretch those legs!

    After an intense show we strive to let our horses just be horses for a while. Enjoying the spacious pastures surrounding our facilities before they get back to their training routine.

    It was still early before we left for home, having a long drive ahead of us. I drove the small truck with our three stallions, Justin the large one with the mares. "At what time do you think we're back?" Emily asked, who drove with me. We love to keep each other company during long drives like this. "I think, with some luck, it'll be around 7 pm. Why do you ask?" I replied with my focus on the road. "Well," she replied "don't you think we can have the horses outside for a few hours? So they can relax for a bit?" I realized I completely forgot our routine. "Of course they can! How did I forget about that...." I replied, Emily smiled. We talked about lots of different things during the ride home, "I don't know what it is.... but man, I really like her..." I thought by myself. When we finally arrived back home we unloaded the horses and brought them to their pastures. Whilst the other horses started sniffing the snow, Wiliam and Ansgar had a different idea and started racing through the snow. Me and Emily kept a close eye on them, leaning over the fence. I slowly felt her hand moving from my upper arm to my hand. I looked at her, she smiled at me with a slight blush. I smiled back and together we watched the horses for a while. "I really like her.." I thought.

  • breathtaking views! they really look happy c:

  • Administrators

    Gorgeous! :heart: Really wonderful seeing you around again! :D

  • @Jade-Nguyen said in Iron Crest Equestrian || Stretch those legs! 20-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    breathtaking views! they really look happy c:

    Thank you so much! :smile: <3 Even though they're both stallions and can't bear the other horses they enjoy each others company a lot (most of the time).

    @Nikki-Calvaria said in Iron Crest Equestrian || Stretch those legs! 20-1-'18 || Comments welcome:

    Gorgeous! :heart: Really wonderful seeing you around again! :D

    Thank you! <3 I'm really happy to be back, it's nice to see people still remember me and my stable! Hopefully I won't disappear again, or at least for this long. :smile:

  • A rising star

    Another very busy show has passed and some horses did better than others. One horse in particular has shown his potential to us.

    alt text

    "And up next we have Emily Garcia riding IRCE Lancaster!" The announcer shouted through the arena. "Go Emily! Go Lance!" Me and the entire IRCE team screamed when they road into the arena. "Today, Lancaster shows himself for the first time ever in the show arena. Good luck to you, Emily!" We moved to the tip of our seats as they took the first jump. Lance seemed a bit tense but Emily knows how to handle him. With big strides he moved from jump to jump "Come on Lance! You can do it!" I cheered and they easily made the jump. On to the last jump, Emily seemed focused. As Lance took his last jump and we all cheered, he hit the bar with the tip of his hoof. The bar moved a bit and I felt my heartbeat getting faster "Oh no... They trained so hard for this...." I could not finish the sentence in my head when I saw the bar stayed on the jump, they made a clear round! The entire team and I cheered "Go Emily, go Lance!" with some other amazing combinations in his class our little Lancaster managed to stay in first place. As we cam back home later that day and we unloaded the horses, Lance started prancing around knowing he is one of the big guys now. "Time to show off your talents boy" I said as I walked him towards the paddocks.

  • New arrival

    Not one but two new arrivals! Yesterday they arrived at our facilities, Dylan Hillman will join our staff as a stable hand and he brought something special along! This lovely mare is called IRCE Adalwine, or Ada for short, and she will join our pony dressage team.

    alt text

    "Ah, there he is!" I thought. A car with a trailer attached drove to the parking lots and a handsome young man stepped out. I heard banging in the trailer, "The horse probably smells the others" I thought and smiled. I walked up to him and we shook hands "You must be Dylan then! Welcome at Iron Crest, I'm Shea, but you probably knew that already" He nodded and replied "I had my suspicions, I'm very happy you could give me this opportunity. I haven't been with horses in the last couple years, before that I used to compete for a different stable." he replied and smiled. "Well then this is the place for you, I noticed you brought a horse along?" and I turned my head towards the trailer. "Ah, yeah that's right! Come on, I'll show her!" He seemed excited, together we opened the trailer and unloaded the horse. Well, horse.. a pony, rather. "As soon as I knew I'd work here I decided to bring something special along. She hasn't been named yet so you can think of something." and he smiled. I thought, and looked at her, so noble. "Adalwine!" I said, and she turned her ears. "well that's settled then, IRCE Adalwine she will be called" As she pranced we brought her to the stables.

    The first ride

    The day after her arrival we decided Ashlee could give a shot at riding Ada. According to Dylan she had been broken so our most experienced rider would take on the task for the first ride
    alt text

    She turned her ears as Ashlee walked her towards the outdoor arena. It was still early and the other horses were eating. No distraction, no loud noises and no scary things. The first rounds through the arena went with a lot of struggle and Ada not wanting to relax. But eventually she relaxed "Ok, give it a shot at a trot!" I told Ashlee, and so she did. Ada tried to find her balance a bit but again, after a few rounds she relaxed. "A quick break, Shea?" She asked. "Just walk a few rounds and then continue" I replied, Ashlee nodded and after a few rounds started trotting again. Very subtle she tried a canter "This seems her best gait!" Dylan said as he came walking towards the arena. "Very controled, nice strides. She'll make an awesome dressage pony. You are very lucky to ride her, Ashlee" He said, the both smiled.

  • Love those two! I also love how warm the last photo looks

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