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  • All these pons are absolutely gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes: Also sim Jill is very pretty!

  • fantastic pictures!

  • @Kira-Kita thank you so much! <3 I'm really excited to give them all a propper introduction, as well as the one who's missing out waiting for the markings before making her! Sim Jill will soon also get a propper introduction! She'll be taking on one or two of the youngsters :smile:

    @Jade-Nguyen thank you Jade! I'm really happy hearing these kind words and excited to keep my blog more updated.

  • Oh that first horse is really nice! I love that horse's red in their coat. :heart_eyes:

  • @Zinnia-Arvi thank you so much! <3 I absolutely love all my bays haha!

  • Moving on and coming together

    As announced a while ago, the founding mare to Iron Crest's dressage team has reached Matador title recently. This is no other then IRCE Allemande, our beloved bay mare. We've decided it's soon time for her to end her carreer in dressage, once she's reached grand prix level together with Alexandra. Together, Alli and Alex form a great team and even though they haven't been a team for a long time they really work well together

    alt text

    Even though Alli is nearing her final days in the show ring, she's still a rather young mare with lots of potential. Being a very trustworthy mare, Alli will be used as schooling horse for new riders trying to move up in their level. Besides, we're expecting one of her last foals soon! The sire we'll be keeping a secret for a while, he is also one of our beloved dressage founders who reached his Étoile title not that long ago!

    alt text

    And something non-horse related, the Equus Pride Parade! Here's Jess and me, we were just relaxing near the outdoor arenas discussing.... well, things.

    alt text

    And finally, a bonus picture of our expected newcomer. I think there are some people who've followed our stables for a while can guess who this gorgeous girl's sire is.

    alt text

  • Congratulations Alli and Alex! Can't wait for the foal :exclamation: :exclamation:

  • A lost friend

    A plessant surprise you can say. Today we welcome one of our old faces back at Iron Crest! One rather special mare again, another important founding mare of ours. IRCE Dieudonnée was sold a while ago to find a place where she can show her full potential. After a while of not hearing from, and seeing her during shows closer to her new home we tried to get in touch with her new owners. Unfortunately we had no luck, untill a short while ago. It was not her new owners we got contact with, but with a salesman who apparently knew us and our establishment. As he had no use for her, he decided to find her original owners. And so, Diaz came back home.

    As we picked her up, I decided it was for Jildau to take care of her. When we arrived, Diaz seemed to remember the place, even though we've moved since she was sold. Probably the smell of her old friends. Jildau brought her in and I saw the two were a great match.

    alt text

    After we took off Diaz her blanket and leg protection, we decided to put her in one of the paddocks to stretch her legs. However, we saw just the same old relaxed Diaz relaxing in the shadow of the birch tree.

    alt text

    There was a special reason for me to also decide on Jildau being Diaz her new rider. I believe it's the same reason Diaz acted very kindly to her. During the time she was away, the last foal she threw for us has come a long way and also gave birth to Diaz her first grand foal, IRCE Dymarylion. This young mare is the reason for the immediate bond between Diaz and Jildau!

    alt text

  • Boys will be boys

    Sometimes we doubt it's wise to let our young horses share pastures together, especially the young stallions. Boy, can they be rough towards each other! So are IRCE Banaquiry and IRCE Kronos when they share their pastures. We were on the brink of seperating the two young stallions, luckily they started to behave when they saw us nearing the pasture gates and took of very quickly to graze on the other side. But, boys will be boys and as soon as we were turning around they happily continued with their "playing".

    alt text

  • Barabro, father and his sons

    IRCE Barbaro, a stallion dear to our hearts. He's one of the founding stallions of our dressage team. While competing at Grand Prix level for a while now, Barbaro has hit the 200 points mark being our first dressage stallion who achieved this.

    Barabro has sired some offspring for us already, including our first home bred dressage horse IRCE Cernunnos. Barbaro is a stallion who we know will give great offspring as Uno has also reached the 200 point mark shortly after he himself did.

    Sadly, he'll soon retire from showing and spend his days in the lush pastures and, just like Allemande, become one of our schooling horses for new riders. All of his other offspring which we have are still carrying on his legacy and will still be competing, with IRCE Alverdite who's his youngest filly starting her carreer soon!

    alt text
    IRCE Barbaro and Ashlee during their training in preperation of their last shows

    alt text
    From left to right; IRCE Bacardi and Anona, IRCE Barbaro and Ashlee, IRCE Cernunnos and Leeann.

  • BFFs

    From the day we introduced them to eachother, IRCE Corabella (sired by @Fernanda-Luchetta's stallion Fredrikelof's Exeter) and IRCE Alverdite (sired by our own stallion IRCE Barbaro) seem to get along very well. It's easy to say these two mares are best friends to each other. Even though they sometimes get in a fight (mares being mares?), we soon see them sharing food between the two of them.

    alt text
    And once again I try my hands at fully editing my pictures!

  • They are honestly a gorgeous duo. You've done such a great job on Corabella, I'm proud Exy keeps throwing out some pretty pons! And as I've told you quite a few times already, your photos looks just so nice - the lighting, contrasting tones and landscapes make them so unique. Also, let's just not talk about your editing... Great job, dear :two_hearts:

  • Such gorgeous mares! I love the soft warm atmosphere of your pictures they’re always so pretty both unedited and edited :heart_eyes:

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta I'm super happy I had the oppertunity to use Exeter as her sire! :smile: I couldn't wish for a better looking filly. And thank you so, so much for the massive compliment! :cry: I'm slowly but surely trying to find my'own' editing and picture style. Again, thank you so much! :revolving_hearts:

    @Luna-Smit thank you Luna! They are absolutely the sweetest two mares together, well usually that is! :smile:

  • Bonding

    Soon it's time to start working with the new generation of youngsters. Between the usual time they still spend in the pastures, Alexandra, Bree, Jess and I work with them to get them to trust us and build a bond before we start breaking in. For Jess this is more nervewerecking than it is for us, since she started working at Iron Crest Jess made big improvements and has proven she is ready for a next challenge. I decided it was time for her to take on working with one of the youngsters, IRCE Tamarinda (Sire IRCE Indoctro). From the day she knew, and Tammy was weened, Jess has already spent a lot of time with her new companion! When she sees her, Tammy quickly moves to her stall door to greet Jess, which usually ends in a very nice bonding session between the two ladies.

    alt text

  • Cutie <3

  • Your pose looks adorable, Jill - and so does this photo. I also love the way you edited Tammy's mane there. I'll never get tired of seeing your photos :two_hearts:

  • @Eva-Evans thank you :heart: Tammy is an absolute sweet heart :smile:

    @Fernanda-Luchetta I'm so happy how it turned out :heart_exclamation: the two of them are just an amazing pair, Tammy is the most curious and sweetest horse around. And she really sports her 'just-out-of-bed' look :smirk: :sparkles:

  • Baby blues

    We're slowly slipping into the season for the new foals to be born! A bit sooner as expected, our first foal has been born. Our mare IRCE Gilactic has given birth to her first foal. Star is a very calm new mother and likes to keep her eyes on her little baby boy, be it from up close or further away.

    This lovely little stallion is IRCE Vertigo, aka vance. Vance is a very flashy and playful foal sired by the amazing SPHR Vervex ( @Fernanda-Luchetta ) and has really taken after him. This boy definitley speak for himself when trotting around the pastures with all the pride he has. Judging his leg work, Vance looks like a great show jumping prospect.

    alt text

  • What a stunner! and that little floofy forelock is just TOO adorable :heart_eyes:

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