Abury Stable - A new start 2018

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock the moment Quiri has her Local Champion ( just 2 pts. left) she might be open for breeding ^.^

  • Why hello there Pelago Jack, what a lovely coat you have. If you ever open him up for breeding I have a mare that would just love to meet him ;)

  • Your quarter horses are beautiful :)

  • Already loved the pics when I saw them in the SLS facebook group. Your pons are great.

  • Oh my! I just fell in love with CSR Pelago Jack <3

  • thanks so much for the lovely comments ^^ I appreciate that so much <3

    Coz I´m in the mood of making horses.... two more AQH for my stable ^.^

    Ginger Bell CR; mare
    Bild Text

    Golden Smoken Chex CR; stallion
    Bild Text

  • They are lovely :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea thanks dear ^^

  • Coz I don´t find the time to play sims I only turn it on to create something in CAS.... Yesterday I made myself an Orlov Trotter Template... critic is welcome! Version 1 with coat: Bild Text
    Bild Text
    Version 2 blank : Bild Text

    I hope it looks like one... I searched the net but there are soo many different confo pics from Orlov Trotters and they all look different... So I took the ones I liked the type most and tried.... I must admit ... Im not good at making templates... o.o

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