Weird looking grass & objects

  • Hey all! i Recently created a new world and for some reason the grass looks "swirly?" and objects i place look all wonky & curvy. The lots are flat. Not sure whats going on haha. If someone could help me that would be great!


    It glitches when i move the cursor so back & forth normal to the "swirly"

  • Administrators

    Do you have seasons? Is it summer? This looks like the in game 'heatwave' effect which happens on hot summer days

  • What Elsie said -- If you turn on testingcheatsenabled, then you can right click the ground > Seasons > and set the temperature to something lower and that effect should go away.

    If you don't have Seasons then I have no idea... :thinking:

  • Not sure if you still need help but it's because your sea level is higher than the land. The swirly effect is the water, which I also had a problem with a while back ;)

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