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    All my various christmas gifts over the past two years, in one convenient place. The following CC has been made over the past three years and varies in quality. Most were originally made for my own private use, so perfection is never guaranteed. All saddles are fully recolourable and come with custom girths. None of the preview pics are edited, and no sweetfx/4k mod is used.
    Please use the Stencil Remover 'deco p' cheat in CAP to ensure the saddles show correctly in game

    • Don't claim as your own (thats just weird).
    • Don't use my retextures to make your own, including snipping parts off (girths etc) and putting it on your own.
    • Don't re-upload anywhere else.

    Shires Hi-Lite GP Pony Saddle Albion Kontrol SJ Saddle
    alt text alt text
    A Shires Hi-lite Synthetic saddle with a neoprene anti-chafe girth for those round horses and ponies. Cheap, light and easy to look after, this is an ideal saddle for children. Download A close contact jump saddle designed and handmade in England by Albion Saddlemakers, this is an ideal saddle for the professional rider. Download
    Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle Barnsby GP Pony Saddle
    alt text alt text
    )A squeaky clean Wintec Synthetic saddle in pony and wide fittings, ideal for schooling your horse for dressage competition. Download A low-cost general purpose saddle, ideal for a wide range of equestrian activities. Download
    Pony Saddle Co. GP Saddle Bates Caprilli Jump Saddle
    A part-suede gp saddle made with english leather, this saddle is both comfortable, secure, and well suited for a variety of disciplines. A close contact jump saddle with an adjustable gullet, ideal for riders of all abilities and levels.

    Bedmax Bales Supreme Products Shampoo
    alt text img
    The shavings made especially for horses. These deco bales are perfect to clutter the aisles of stables both at home and at shows. Download A collection of various shampoos from the Professional and Heritage collection, including the much needed blue shampoo for all those tricky greys.
    Equestrian Catalogues 2016 Horse & Hound Magazine
    alt text alt text
    A variety of different catalogues to clutter your offices and shops. Open and closed versions of the popular UK magazine Horse&Hound.
    Hounds Magazine Confo Paintings
    alt text alt text
    A few of my favourite covers from Hounds Magazine to clutter your offices and lounges. A set of three ye old time horse paintings.

    Spillers Mollichaff
    alt text alt text
    A bunch of horse feeds from the UK company Spillers, including Horse & Pony Cubes, Competition Mix and Happy Hoof among others. A collection of feeds by the UK company Mollichaff, including Original, Show Shine and Apple among others.
    Allen & Page -
    alt text ?
    A collection of three feeds. Very old, texture a bit off. ?

    Birdcatcher Marking Hanoverian Brand
    alt text pic
    A fullbody birdcatcher marking, found under the belly section with a big blue icon. Brand
    US Hanoverian Brand Holsteiner Brand
    Brand ?

  • Nice stuff!!

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