Eowyns Feed & Saddlery Co. / wip


    All my various christmas gifts over the past two years, in one convenient place. The following CC has been made over the past three years and varies in quality. Most were originally made for my own private use, so perfection is never guaranteed. All saddles are fully recolourable and come with custom girths. None of the preview pics are edited, and no sweetfx/4k mod is used.
    Please use the Stencil Remover 'deco p' cheat in CAP to ensure the saddles show correctly in game

    • Don't claim as your own (thats just weird).
    • Don't use my retextures to make your own, including snipping parts off (girths etc) and putting it on your own.
    • Don't re-upload anywhere else.


  • Nice stuff!!

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