[WICF] Catalog or create it !? ( Found)

  • Hi everyone,

    to update the breed section of my stable. I would like to create or find a place where we could put our sim pictures on a catalog. as you can read it, do you know where I can find it or how to create it?

    As on this example
    0_1516288783872_catalogue 2018 ex.png

    Thank you in advance ...

  • Nothing ? I think it's feasible...help me .. it is to update my section " Stallions2018 "

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  • uh thank you :) but after where i can find ? I would like it to be like a book where we can turn the pages, like in a catalog

  • I would create the picture I want to be in the magazin and than search for a texture which could give you that shine like on a magazine and slap it on the picture.

  • @Jase-Sunshine : it's a great idea ... should we still find the same texture

  • PR Committee

    If you have a PDF file of the catalogue you want to create, you can upload it to a free online PDF publishing site. I made my recent sale catalogue with fliphtml5. You can see my catalogue here. To achieve this you will need software that will allow you to compile a PDF though.

    Elsie's suggestion of using google slides is much easier to edit (add and remove pages and information) however so I'd recommend that if you plan on updating it regularly. I'd recommend publishing your google slides to web (gives you a different link) so it appears without the overlay and will look more professional / closer to what you're trying to achieve here.

  • oh my GOOOOD that's what I want! thank you i'm sending you a mp

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