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  • Recently I held an auction that offered a custom marking or an import as the winners choice and I was beyond amazed at the incredible response and fierce bidding war that ensued. However much I liked the marking and hope that @Elin-Fredriksdotter enjoys it <3 I feel... extremely overpaid and would like to pass a majority of that kindness and good fortune onto the community.

    Something Different
    I would like to personally host a challenge where I will offer the challenge winner the choice of either $100,000 cash or a [yet to be reveiled] extra fancy custom marking as their prize. While I would love to host a challenge I have no idea what kind of challange I would like to host! I do know that I would like it to be creative, fun, and not discipline-based... so I am asking the community for ideas on what kind of challenge you would like to see and after a week or so I will host a poll of some of the answers for everyone to vote for their favorite choice and we will go from there!

    If you would like to suggest ideas for challenges please comment on this thread :unicorn:

    Two Club Sponsered Challenges
    Aside from the challenge I would like to host, I want to offer two different clubs the opportunity to receive $100,000 each in funding for a challenge they want to host to engage with the community. The option to apply for funding will be open from today until February 28th, to allow for a club to come up with ideas for challenges they would like to host and for anyone who has not yet established a club but has wanted to, time to do so. I haven't decided yet if I will be selecting clubs that apply or putting the application up for vote by the community.

    If you have a club and would like to apply for funding please fill out the form below and post it in this thread. If you have more than one idea, I ask that you limit your club submissions to no more than (2) ideas. Each idea needs to be in a separate reply.

    Club Name: Name / Link
    Club Purpose:
    Challange Idea: Please describe in a few paragraphs or more the idea for your proposed challenge, why you want to host the challenge and in what way you think this challenge will benefit the community.

  • I had one idea for a challenge, although it would need to be developed a little! Since we've had a foal challenge, why not do a challenge for children? It could be either current children on the yard, or current riders/managers as kids. Show off all the first lessons/competitions on shetland ponies and such like!

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