[WORKING] Jase‘s Handdrawn Logos

  • Hi,
    I am slowly starting with digital art, so I thought that I might also draw some logos for you guys, since a lot of people liked the one I made for my third stable. The logos are 100% handdrawn by myself(expect the fronts).
    So if you need something quick or cheap this is the wrong place to ask.
    I charge a houerly rate of 5k, so the longer I need for your logo, the more expensive it will be. The ones I did till now took me between 2 and 4 houers.(I only charge the time I am actively drawing.).
    There is no form just tell me what you want.

    I only work at one during a time, so be quick and order your new logo today. :smirk:

    newest one
    second one
    first one


    1. Billie Finch

  • Thread updated :smile_cat:

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