[WANTED] Warmblood Stallions

  • Hi! I am looking to breed my three mares ODESSA NC, VERIDIA NC and WARRIOR PRINCESS NC. All three mares are titled in their respective disciplines and still competing. More photos and information below. I would prefer Trakehner or Thoroughbred stallions

    purebred Trakehner, ee Aa
    155points and $28,300 in earnings
    Dressage State Champion

    purebred Trakehner, Ee aa Gg
    138 points and $15,410 in earnings
    Dressage State Champion

    purebred Trakehner, Ee Aa
    230 points and $34,430 in earnings
    Eventing International Champion

  • The only guy I have that fits both breed and discipline wise would be for Odessa--Lemures REC, TB Eventer with 135 points. Let me know if you'd like to use him! :slight_smile:

  • I have a bay eventing TB stallion named AWE Pyrotechnic, he only has 25 points currently, however he is still active and earning points, his stud fee isnt high because he is 1st gen and only has 1 title.

  • My stallion NFE/HCS Dunamis just hit his last Eventing title. He also has 180ish points in show jumping, but he can only throw grey foals. When you are intrested in using him as a stud(either tradotional or biy) shoot me a messge her or on slack. Through he is a ISH

  • A stallion has been found for Odessa!

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