[Ended]Austrian Warmblood Circle Sale

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    General Rules

    • Don't mass upload or claim as your own.
    • Don't alter, change, or add/remove markings.
    • Don't alter or change the template.
    • Don't add or remove the prefix, also don't add your prefix.
    • Don't change the name of the horses.

    Bidding Rules

    Starting bid on each horse if $5,000
    Maximum bid is $5,000
    Minimum bid is $1,000
    To autobuy you have to pm the person who is selling the horse.

    So Jane Doe is selling a Chestnut Mare, even though the auction is hosted by me(Serenity Gwin) you need to contact Jane Doe in regards to buying the mare


    Horses for auction by Serenity Gwin

    Sin's Sylvys
    Black Mare
    alt text

    Sin's Abbott
    Dappled Bay Stallion
    alt text

    Horses for sale by Levi Rosenthal
    Both have custom markings

    RW* Rosenblume - Mare - Bay
    alt text

    RW* Everdale - Stallion - Seal Brown
    alt text

    Horses for sale by Lindsey Warren

    BHR LW - Grey Stallion
    (No name)
    alt text

    Sin's Sylvys, $5,000 - Irene Crownguard
    Sin's Abbott $5,000 - Nobody
    RW* Rosenblume $6,000 - Savannah Fireside
    RW* Everdale $6,000 -Jade Nguyen
    BHR Gray Stallion $5,000 - Irene Crownguard

  • Sale is now live! More horses may be added soon. We shall see.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • This post is deleted!

  • RW* Everdale SB

  • SB RW Rosenblume I just can't resist even tho I really do not need another pony but she is so pretty :upside_down: :heart_eyes:

  • So far all bids are accepted and I just edited my main post because I still had it listed as closed :p

  • RW* Everdale 6,000

  • Going to bump this so far only 2 bids out of 5 horses.

  • I'm going to retire some of my horses soon, so ...

    Sin's Sylvys = SB
    BHR Gray Stallion = SB

  • Bumpity bump

  • RW* Rosenblume $6,000😍

  • 4 days left, if no other bids are made after tonight I will close this sale.

  • Thank you all for taking part in the first AWC Auction. Please pm the correct members in response to the horses.

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