[ENDED] Inkspot tobiano marking (2 variations)

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    Hi and welcome!
    I figured out that the community loves custom markings, and I need money to start getting new bloodlines. So this auction would be a win-win for someone and I. Here is my very first marking auction! The marking is a 3 channels and totally HQ. The deal comes with 2 variations, one mapped, one regular, so you choose the one you want to use! Just don't use both on different horses.

    Mapped marking modeled in pictures

    alt text


    • Do not put up for mass download
    • Do not claim as your own creation
    • Please only use the marking on one horse at a time (yes, even if there's 2 variations)
    • Include your favorite song when bidding for the first time to show you've read the rules

    Bid Information

    • Starting Bid: $10,000
    • Minimum Increase: $1,000

  • SB - Him & I by g-eazy & halsey

  • PR Committee


    Looking too closely by Fink

  • heck - 18k

    Play With Fire - Sam Tinnesz ft. Yacht Money

  • All have been accepted ☺️

  • Competition Committee

    20k - Guillotine by Jon Bellion

  • 27k :musical_score:

  • Sold to Luke Teth! :) Congratulations!

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