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    OCS has been a traditional western stock horse breeding and training ranch for years. Owned and inherited from one family member after another the traditions soon started to break apart until with Saki Natsuka and her stepfather Darren Natsuka the small and traditional time was suddenly over.

    More and more horses and hired riders arrived and the facility grew big. Too big for Kody Böhming and his best friend Mathew Mccoy. So from time to time Kody started searching for his very own little ranch after completing his horse trainer license and he wanted to get that cozy, rustic ranchfeeling back. Times were fortunate for him that old OtterCreekStables had a recent namechange to FlyingOtterStables and Kody quickly caught up on the chance of buying the old name and rights from Saki and Darren.
    That was at the end of 2017, now, after years of family business, newly founded OtterCreekStables with Kody Böhming as Owner reestablished itself with a promise for all ancestors of OCS. Upon gaining the name rights of OCS Kody also got in touch with all the folders and informations about family business, getting to know who originally founded the ranch, what their horses were like, he even got to know that they had a ranch-original breed called Manifold Stock Horse. Sadly only a few specimen of this breed still exist today and mostly found in Germany. Basically you could say it was a slightly bigger Quarter Horse, around 1.70 m but all colors and patterns were allowed. They were such beautiful horses. With all these informations he also got to read their traditions, training methods and other old methods they used on their horses. Kody wanted to give OCS that good old touch back and started to study all the methods and is currently trying and testing on his own horses.

    Come and follow his and Mathews journey around the ranch!


    OCS is a small Western Barn, breeding and training American Paint and Quarter Horses
    with a perfect working horse attitude, primarily training Reining and Ranch Versatility with a few Western Trail/Pleasure prospects.

    We focus on "thinking like a horse" and prefer bitless riding, because "everything metal around and on the horse is just a help for the human to feel more confident and gain control through easy pressure/pain than face his/her fears and insecurity". If you can ride with a bit, you can ride without one too! Just you need to speak in horse, not in predator-human. Its all about pressure and release system!


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    Hello Hello!

    This is Kody Böhming and Mathew Mccoy here!
    We just recently joined Equus to start our competition plans. I hope we will have a lot of fun together!

    I started my journey on Equus-Sims before and there are already a lot of post happening. I wont start with them all over again, but if you are interessted, everything can also be found HERE on my websites blog!
    Just recently Mat and Kody had an Ask Us Anything going on, so that might be a good chance to get to know the most important stuff about them, but if you are curiouse just go ahead and scroll all over through our blogs!



    CATT AND MANDO - foster mom and helpless little colt! Just two days after their introduction to each other!
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    We spent the whole day yesterday with getting Mando and Catt together. Its not like they not wanted, actually Mando made clear that he wanted a stronger bond with the mare next to him, he kept holding on to her answers and demanded reactions.

    But Catt had some problems getting closer with the foal. Seems like her memories had drawn her back to what had happened to her letting mothership and happness too close. She did indeed look after the foal, but every once in a while she went into a depression phase from hour to hour changeing where she started to get distance between her and Mando. You should have seen her, caught between the "I want it!" and the "I dont wanna hurt it!" as if she, just like her previous owners before Cascabel Ranch, blamed herself for the death of her first two foals.
    We had to dig deep into our bag of tricks until we finally got Catt to trust her feelings towards the foal. We had a blanket with her scent that we were allowed to take with us as we got ger from Timothy, upon wettening Mando with warm water we gently rubbed him with straw and the blanket to get her scent onto him. Poor black boy was so irritated by our methods that he stood there uncertain infront of Catt.
    Lucky for us this behaviour caught up Catts motherly instincts to clean and care for Mando. She gave him safety and I hope she will also figure out that this is not "killing" the colt but rather helping him and that she indeed can be a good mother.

    Mat was so nice to stay awake the whole night to keep an eye out for both, but it all went well and calm. Both slept close to each other and even this next morning they still hung close to each other. Now there will be at least a week of testing and tightening their bond, after that I hope I can let both go with the other mares to get Catt integrated now that she started to communicate, and I think Mando with his open mind will help her getting in contact then.

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    Just today in the morning we got both out in a roundpen to get them some fresh air. The last three days they had spent inside the barn to get in touch with each other, now its time they get positive memories with each other so Mando leanrs horse manners and Catt leanrs trust in herself and others.

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    INTRODUCTION OF KODA - 8 year old mare with the mind stuck as a foal
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    Hello hello!

    I'm Mathew, Kodys best buddy helping out at OCS! I bet you've already read about me, but I've never really had the time to introduce myself personally. I am 24 years old and I get called the head trainer for Cattle and Ranch horses. While Kody prefers Trail, Reining and Pleasure I keep up with the cow-disciplines of the horses but also the youngster training as far as I can help out.

    And this girl next to me is my newest companion. This is Koda, 8 year old paint horse mare who I just couldnt walk past on the last auctions yesterday.

    QUOTE - rosemont-stud (creator of Koda and her backstory)
    This is Koda a 8yo APH mare. She has been in and out the auctions her whole life and has never found her true "home". Koda's mother and her both were sent to the auctions when Koda was only 4 days old and got sold to a horse breeder who over breeds horses and has to many. This lady just breeds for the colour and the fun. Doesnt get her colts gelded so they just keep on breeding and breeding and breeding so 80% of her horses were imbred. Koda and her mother arrived and were staying in a small tin shed that was fully enclosed with dirty water, no grass, rotten hay and the floor was thick mud that would go past their hooves. Koda's mum eventually got taken away and put out with all the other horses and of course got pregnant by one of the many stallions this lady had. The lady was in need of money so sold a heap of horses to the auctions including Koda. Koda's mother remained there. Koda was a yearling now so a few people were looking at her. She was terrified and shaking as people were crowding her pen. That day Koda was sold to a family who recently moved into the country who had no clue about horses and just needed one to chew the grass down in their paddocks. Koda had to have several men catch her that day as she has never been haltered or handled so had no clue what was going on. Koda was at that property in a large paddock for about 4 years until the people decided to move house. The people did not touch her once just filled the water trough once every week or so. They gave Koda away for free to an old man who loved horses. The man lived in a small shack which was falling apart on a small property. No grass or horse facilties the man rounded up Koda into this small yard. Over the next few days he ended up putting a halter on her. Not is a graceful way but he got one on. He moved Koda out with all his other cross breed ponies he had all scattered out on one paddock. No grass or feed day after day, month after month Koda slowly lost condition as well as the other horses. She never had her feet done so her hooves her all cracked, dry and were curling up. One day someone came and noticed Koda and all the other horses and called someone. They came and spoke with the man and he said "Take em i dont care" so they took Koda as well as the other horses back to this yet again small ranch but this one actually had some grass, feed and an arena. This lady put one by one each pony into the crusher and got their feet trimmer and teeth inspected to guess age. Koda came and she was so weak and skinny she didnt go crazy. Koda was by then 8. The lady kept all horses and ponies until they gained some weight. She had them all advertised for sale as she cant keep them all but they wouldnt sell. So she had no choice but to sell to the auctions. Now that leaves Koda now, sitting in her pen. Again terrified, shaking. Alert of everything going around. Confused on why she keeps ending up here....

    I only wanted to take a look at all the horses around our local auctions, but as I saw this mare standing alert and confused, dirty and skinny, I could not keep my eyes off. I got in touch with her owner and talked about her past. For short, she happened to be an auction-sitter. And I took the chance on giving her a forever home. It might be a hard and difficult way for both of us, but I wanna show her some nice life without fearing to end up back here.
    Thats how this chestnut tobiano girl arrived at OCS.

    Her first day was rather unnice and pretty hard even though there wasnt much done to her. I got her into the barn, feeling her shaking body with all the new noises. Seems like she only knew group-barns, as those single stalls seemed to frighten her. Not mentioning that I somehow managed to lead her on a rope into that barn. Not that she was against the rope or halter, but she scared away by the slightest pull or thing that happened. Koda can be considered a foal in an 8 year olds body. She doesnt really know anything without fearing it.

    I had her calming down and aclimating in her very own stall for a few hours and kept her company by regular visits while I worked in the barn. She barely calmed down though as everything was new and uncomfortable for her. Later on though I decided to take her to the wash stall because this girl needed a serious cleanup. I wouldnt be able to calm down and chill either if I were covered with dry and itchy mud and other sticky stuff from getting pet by so many people around the auctions. It took me 3 whole hours if not more to get her fur cleaned aswell as her hesitantly hooves up and clean. She never had done this before and she got to go against everything I tried. I cant tell how the heck I got to finish my work with her. The result though is great. She at least calmed down a bit and dozed off as I let her standing for a little while longer there.

    Her last walk then was back into the stall where you could now watch an exausted horse, not knowing what would happen next. Still scared but too tired to react. Some time later when everything in the evening was finished she must have dozed off to sleep as I walked past her back out of the barn.

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  • Ohhh beautiful horses

  • Your horses are gorgeous :astonished: And what an amazing change for Koda! I can tell she couldn't find a better place to end up, lots of luck with her! She looks absolutely stunning now she's been properly groomed <3

  • eyy, good to see you here! I love the setup of your album! Its so neat!!

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thank you! I love them to bits <3

    @Shea-Hamilton I just fell in love with her. Every horse needs a good home and she shall not stand on auctions anymore! :)

    @Marquis-Moulin Short and nicely, just as I love it ;) I thought about this a while ago, and now I am here. Just need to finish the registrations of the rest of the horses one day xD

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    Got ya another photo from the newest blog (the ama) about Kodas first training steps.

    "Mathew. Your newest "partner" is Koda. How are you liking her, whats your current level of work?"

    Shes a hard bit to work with. 8 year old horse and the mind of a little filly. I have to work with her from zero adn the fact that I have to use foal training methods on her get difficult knowing that she has the strength of an adult horse. I have to adjust everything for her "size" and its not easy. But it is so satisfying to see her progress. She already got to calm down in her own stall and she got interessted in her surroundings when she is in a roundpen to enjoy the air. I am not letting her to the pastures with other horses as long as I dont have control over her. Koda is afraid of halters and leads as they always meant to go somwhere else and new and frigtening for her. And most of the time back to the auctions places where uncounted different people walked past her and scared her. Just this morning I had a training with her outside as the frosty weather made the outdoor arena passable again. She had only worked in our indoor arena before and every tree rustling scared her. I havent watched out for a second and she went nuts. Had to end that training there and calm her down to her roundpen back. So far about progress at the moment.

  • Oh god... Easy little girl <3 qhe's so cute

  • Oh boy she really needed a wash xD

  • That is a really lovely edit!, you created a very wonderful atmosphere :heart_decoration:

  • Koda is looking great! I'm so glad Mathew found her <3 she is such a lucky girl to be at OCS. Who's knows where she could of gone if Mathew didn't take her...

  • @Nina-Ricchi Cute and strong. Even though she barely has her muscles built up. I cant wait to see her in a few years as a fully developed and trained quarter horse next to my others. At the moment she just looks like some skinny young TB with weird proportions, almost no butt but a nice forehand xD

    @Lidija-Rotherford She definetly did. Not being properly groomed for weeks, standing in muddy auction pens and all that muddy winterseason makes a lot of dirt.

    @Isabella-Khrazenzia Thank you! <3 Most of them are done quickly because atm I am not really in the mood to edit, I personally feel I can do better but I am just to lazy :laughing:

    @Porsha-Hunt I dont want to imagine where she would've ended up. Probably back at an auction somwhere else if her hooves would have taken her any further. For her age she is weak and has bad condition but she will make it, Mat is just to eager to work with her and see her living a happy life after all!

    Our Spring-Broodmare Group

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    Mando is almost 4 months old and lives a happy colt life with Catt and two other mares currently.

    Catt is really loving and caring for Mando, I am glad that she can give him what he was searching for and that he grows up healthy and happy, as you can see! But Catt is too deep in her depressions to communicate with others and get out of her shell. Its all kept to minimal interactions while feeding times or turning in or out of the mares-groupbarn. Still, I made the right desicions! Keeping Catt and Mando together for a while longer to strengthen der bond and help Mando, but I also realized my second plan for Catt specific.

    As you might know from the previous blog entry, I have though about covering Catt because I think her very own foal will be a different and maybe better cure for Catt that just Mando, as hard as it may sound. Mando is great for her and he has brightened up her life already over the last few months being together, but in order to help Catt I made this step. I want her to see that its not her who is "defective and worthless" as she was told and handeled like from where she came to Cascable Ranch, I want to show her, that she is capable of giving life and raising her own foal. Her despression is too deep from the loss of two foals in a row, so seeing her own foal surviving might give her a new face. After all she has been working with me in our last two groundwork sessions. Mando helped her with going first on all the obstacles, but after that she trusted and followed me to do it as Mando did. I am happy that she shows signs of recovery and she is on a good way to have a normal life after all.

    Next thing I want to tell you: I have a broodmare group for a spring foal crop. Next to Catt I had Twoface and DeeDee covered so they can be a broodmare herd for this year and help and care for each other with their foals in the future. This could help Catt even more I guess. So you might also want to know who these girls got covered from? Catt and Twoface (due to both having overo) got covered from Maskys son Lonesome Sugar Bars, my lovely bay stallion! And I got DeeDee covered by Masky himself and I hope for some nice Cowhorse offspring from that pairing!

    Here are some recent pictures, Mando being 7 months old now and the mares are about 6 months pregnant.

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    Oh how I love the start here. There are actual comments happening and not only blind liking posts. One of my major issues why I want to migrate over to here completely. These peeps here are actually active! :)

  • Those mares are so pretty! <3 Can't wait to see what their foals will look like! :smile:

  • Lovely pictures and stories. I simply must geet a horse from you one day.

  • @Shea-Hamilton Thank you! Cant wait either, still have to randomize their colors and then create those :D Will be a colored bunch of cuteness! <3

    @Breanna-Fahnestock Thats flattering, thank you! :)

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    So apparently I figured out that Koda is a bundle of overwhelmingly much energy and she enjoys being hunted around the paddock. Afterwards she tends to calm down so good, that I can groundwork her a bit more and we also managed to get halter and leadrope onto her without any fears. Removing stress by running seems to be her thing and its a great start to know how to handle her now. Also the past few weeks she gained weight and her ribs are almost unvisible again, I want to see her in summer with long mane and shining coat soooo badly!

    But for now we are looking for a suiting registration name for her! Maybe you have some ideas?
    Koda has never been really registered or had official papers anywhere. The only thing are old breeders notes to tell me her date of birth, breed and a few things. We had a genetic test running and checked her up completely. The only thing now is, that next to her barn name I'd like to give her a real and nice sounding registration name. Give me some nice ideas if you want! :)

  • Koda looks like she really enjoys the snow!

  • It's so amazing Koda's improving! Lovely seeing her in the snow, she really seems to enjoy it!

  • Koda's story is beautiful. I love seeing her fill out and gain more trust in people!

  • beautiful Koda

  • @Hilda-Wilson She does. At first it was like "OMG all white! Heeelp!" but she quickly figured out that throwing it around doesnt hurt and she loves it.

    @Shea-Hamilton Cant stop her from thworing around snow, also in our directions, she is a smart horse and quickly catches up on things we like, we approve and also what we dislike and want her to stop doing. But she does not xD

    @Maxine-Spencer To Mathew she got really attached. Nothing works without a headscratch. I am so curiouse how long her mane can grow and what a beautiful paint horse she will be becoming!

    @Nina-Ricchi Yaaas! :)


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    Just a casual walk out of the arena after short workout.
    My two loved boys, Mathew and Masky.
    They are preparing for an upcoming local competition in Colorado. So excited to see them go!

  • OCS Color Me Fancy

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    This eyecatcher, also known as Copper, is an import for TPBM claimer @Levi-Rosenthal
    With his 9 years this special colored American Paint Horse stallion is an allrounder with a big interest in Western Pleasure.
    He is a chestnut roan sabino guy interesstingly without blue eyes though. We dont know how that happend to happen, but it did.
    Enjoy this fella! <3

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  • Aw such a cute boy ! He's perfect it almost looks like you read in my mind :heart_eyes: Thanks a lot !

    I'm bookmarking your topic and I'll try to read all your stories, your pictures are wonderfully edited. Can't wait to see your two pregnant mares' foal :)

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