Rosemont Stud | Introduction {comments welcome}

  • Welcome everyone to Rosemont Studs blog/album! Im not an expert with this forum so i cant do all that fancy stuff to make it look nice so sorry about that :) Let me tell you all about Rosemont.

    Rosemont Stud is a thoroughbred breeding centre based in Australia. Rosemont has been around for many generations and is currently owned by the one and only Dominique Parks.
    Rosemont Stud breeds high quality thoroughbreds, trains and sells them as showjumping, cross country and dressage mounts. Rosemont's main focus is to bring the better out in thoroughbreds. A lot of thoroughbreds are sent to slaughter due to over breeding in the race industry.
    A load of those horses might not be good at racing but will be amazing in another discipline. We have rescued many ottb's from the slaughter pen who are either now high quality jumpers or an amazing broodmare who is producing show quality foals.

    Rosemont most of the time has a horse up for adoption looking for their hopefully forever home so please if you are looking for a certain horse i'm sure we will have the perfect horse for you!

    Rosemont's current owner is Dominique Parks. Dom is only 24 so Rosemont god passed down to her a lot earlier than normally. Dom's mother Kathrine Parks got diagnosed with Cancer 3 years ago and is still fighting to this day. Dom is married to a very handsome man called Martin Cropster who will soon be Martin Parks. Dom has an 8yo daughter called Hollie. Dom fell pregnant with Hollie when she was only 16, Hollie's dad did not want anything to do with her or Dom so pretty much ran away. He was a very abusive man towards Dom so it doesn't hurt her that he is not around.

    Our Website!

    Here are just some old photo's for the time being :) im currently in the middle of building new facilities. Bigger and better! So stay tuned to see the new place!

    Back to when my now 3yo babies were weanlings :D first time they ever saw rain! They loved it and wouldn't get out. From left to right:
    Joker, Donny and Pepper (no shownames yet)

    Joker feashly weaned. He has the conformation of a warmblood :heart_eyes: gosh i love him.

    My daughter & i riding our 2 main stallions Cadilac & Winx.

    Those are all the photo's i'm showing at the moment. I have plenty more so let me know if you would still like to see some old photos :dagger:

    Hope you all enjoy Rosemont Stud as much as i do :)

    Comments Welcome <3

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