Haflinger society

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    The Haflinger society


    Welcome at the Haflinger society. Here all the Haflinger owners of Equus can gather to share their love for this breed.

    About the breed

    Haflingers are ponies who find their origin in Austria, in the Tyrolean mountains. Their desired length is between 13.2 and 15 horse hands, with a desired appearance which shows harmony and elegance. A lean head with large eyes and a balanced body type with well formed neck and supple mid-section. A Haflinger should represent it's gender with either masculine or feminine features. Their coat colours can range from light chestnut to liver chestnut with light manes and tails, no other white markings then facial markings are desired.


    Name Occupation
    Shea Hamilton Club owner
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    The Haflinger society hosts breed only shows for showing you Haflingers. These shows are centered around pictures of your horses (but entries are randomized). No awards are tied to these shows (yet), currently these shows are just for fun.

    Upcoming events

    We currently don't have any upcoming events.

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    Becoming a member of the Haflinger society is easy. Every Equus member who owns a Haflinger can join.
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    To spread the love for the breed, we created a special stamp for members' horses so other people can see you joined our society.
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  • Member list

    • Shea Hamilton (Club owner)

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