Stall deco resized

  • I downloaded some stall deco(The corner stall feeders that were released this xmas on the other equus site) and they are the complete wrong size, they take up pretty much half the stall. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a fix? I'll try and get a picture when I can

  • Mhh, in my game they are big too, not huuge but still... big. :D
    I think they just should be that size?

  • @Hilda-Wilson yeah I just checked in game and they weren't as big as I thought in my head but I still don't get why they are so big, real life feeders certainly aren't haha, at least not at my barn

  • You can make stuff bigger or smaller with the OMSP resizers: :) I use it for plants or to make my riders smaller if they are jockeys on racehorses xD

  • Thank you, I vaguely remembered that I had this tool but couldn't find it online for the life of me!

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