Lets talk graphics tablets....

  • Right, I had a tablet..it broke when my big boy Rom stepped on it cause I was a dumby and had it at the barn in his stall.

    So I'm hunting now for a new one...but...my bamboo is no longer the main brand out there xD


    Which would be a good one to get out of the below...


  • I just just just got the Intuos draw and I love it!! I had an earlier version from the same brand before and it was great as well, only good things to say from me!

  • I would go with the wacom!
    Wacom is way longer than the other different tablets. Even though some of the tablets you linked to has 4 times more pressure sensitivity, none of them have tilt sensitivity, except for the wacom, which I personally find as a must on tablets!

    I started off with a wacom intuos pro5, which was an amazing tablet :D

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