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    Hi all there! Well, I'm Daiana, but you can call me Day, I'm pretty new in this community although I'm in Equus - Sims as well. I run High Hills Valley, an English stable located in British Columbia, own by me, Daiana Williams.

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    We bred Argentine Warmblood and other breds like Hanoverians. Our stable are not finished at all, but at the moment we count with a main barn with 30 stall, a 28 stall stallion barn, a jumping arena, and a dressage and training arena, with some paddocks. We want to finish building the mare and foal barn and the new XC field.

    First, to introduce my horses, I'll start with my Hanoverians

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    Olivia: she's my seal brown personal mare, the one I compete with. The little colt by her side is Pi, her unique foal up to now. She's 8 near 9 years old

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    HHV Sword in the Darkness: also known as Little Jon, this is our 5 years old black stallion belong to the eventing team, ridden by Federico Montero

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    HHV Something in the Air: or Cookie, this flea bitten stallion is part of the eventing team as well. He's 8, near 9, years old and is ridden by Francisco Montero, twin brother of Federico

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    Atlantis: we bought this dapple gelding and is ridden by Fillip Anderson, he's at the jumping team

    I'll be presenting my other horses soon, this time our Argentine Warmbloods

  • I hope it's ok to comment
    I love the world you chose, it's gorgeous!

  • Of course they are! and thank you! :blush:

  • Our Argentine Warmbloods

    This is a template I did myself, although I'm still thinking it needs more work on, I'm happy on how it ended

    This is the first ArgWB we got, HHV Romantic Baby Girl, or just Baby
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    After her, arrived these two boys, HHV Hercules or Hercules (the bay) and HHV San Juan or Juan (the black one)
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  • Ooh, so lovely <3 San Juan has such a smooth coat, I love him!

  • Oh thank you! <3 I'm trying to get him a rider, so he could be more seen in a near future

  • After the arrival of Hercules and Juan, we received two pregnant mare, the chestnut mare named Miss Tammy, and her partner Flora. We didn't know too much about these ladies, just that they were going to have their babies and were both Argentine Warmblood. About the stallions that covered they, they're unknown

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    BUT! A day before christmas Tammy gave birth to her lovely filly that we called Sunny, and some weeks before, Flora also had her little filly by her side, the littly Winny

    alt textalt text

    They became the first foals to born in the stables

  • The foals are so beautiful! The foal of Flora is my favourite :heart:

  • @Borja-Domecq Oh thanks! :heart: I'll try to take more recent photo, these are a bit older and the girls have grown a bit :blush:

  • Awww. Its babies!
    I cant wait for my foals to come! All so lovely pictures, I really like your horses <3

  • @Kody-Böhming Thank you! Is so beautiful having babies around

    Thanks to all! Is so nice read all these kind comments! :heart:

  • These three ladies are Argentine Warmblood broodmares (foundation).

    From left to right: HHV Sweet Queen (Queen), HHV In a Heartbeat (Heidi) and HHV Golden Miracle (Marie)

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    unedited always trying to get better, it took too much "erase and make again" but I like how it ended

  • So sorry for not share anything, I'm not very well these days, in health and time

    Today I want to introduce a few horses, first HHV Alive in Hell aka Hades, a 10 years old Argentinian Warmblood stallion, the handsome boy at the stable that is always trying to be the cute boy, the gallant and conqueror, showing how strong he is

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    Mallroy an Kaelvryc, our beautiful Wastyver, he's 3 years old and is training and is part of our dressage team, a big baby that, with his rider Dana Decker, are being really united

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    Finally this two ladies that are mother and daughter, EDC Eclipse Aiko, or Elsa, a 10 years old Paint mare that is going to be in the show jumping team

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    and ERC Aikos Blessing, or Bella, a 3 years old filly that has just been broken and is doing very well, she will be part of our XC team

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    As an extra photo! A pic of our lovely german shepherd, the hairy baby of the family, called Milo

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  • It's been a long time since I share something, and in a few days I'll start again with university, so I decided to give a 180° turn, I'll be taking my stable (High Hills Valley) off from the community, but you will be able to see the progress at Equus-Sims, I decided to start a new little stable for this community. I believe this new stable will be better to control, from progress to showing photos. I don't know exactly which bred will be at the new stable and the disciplines, even the name, but soon you'll be having some news. Some suggestion will be greatfull.

    Good game to everyone!

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