[Closed] Template: AQH Yearling

  • Hey Guys!

    I'm looking for someone who can create me a specific template. Because mine never look good. An AQH Yearlings template is wanted. It should be realistic.
    Either private, only for me. Or you can make it publicly available.
    That's up to you.

    What could I offer?
    An import of your choice (can also try real horses)
    Create a Marking (not difficult, I'm not so good yet)

    I am pleased about feedback.
    Gladly with sample images of your previously create templates :)

    best regards

  • I could give you use of my yearling template.
    I have fiddled around with it for a long time and its always still in progress if something changes.
    If you need CAS pictures I can make some, but a first pictures are the three foals I just had:

    Bild Text

    The bay colt and the two fillies in the middle (red dun and sorrel) have that template. It can be tweaked with belly-size if needed as some yearlings tend to have a big tummy to hoard food.

    Bild Text
    Here's a nother butt of that template, I think it also works with most adult poses and still looks young and fitting. :)

    Also with altering the height and bellie you can make them easily look growing up.
    Bild Text
    Bild Text

    If you're interessted idk about payment, would be interessted in a Quarter Horse import so my paints dont overload the barn and I could get some solid colors in xD Tell me if you're interessted :)

    Thank you, Kody <3

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