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    Equus Breed Request Template

    Starting this year, we are implementing a new submission process for new breed requests. This is to ensure that new breeds that are being requested are truly unique and will be a good addition to Equus gameplay. We have provided a template for requesting new breeds, which you can view below. This is to help you include all the information required to get your breed accepted. Please use it and fill it out as best you can. In addition, we’ve introduced a couple of extra requirements to help demonstrate that there is genuine interest in the breed you are requesting and it’s not just being added ‘for the sake of it’.


    About The Breed


    • Link to any real life registries:

    • What makes this breed different to other breeds we already have on Equus? How is it unique?

    • Give us a brief history of the breed:

    • Give an overview of the breeds’ characteristics - conformation, height ranges, uses - tell us about what makes your breed special!

    • Disciplines: What is your breed best at? What should it receive the highest breed caps in on 2.5? What should it’s lowest breed caps be in? Include links to relevant sources as much as possible.

    • List any strains you think are worth adding and explain why. To be added, a strain should somehow influence the horse’s performance in competition (e.g. a pony versus sporthorse type) or be very distinct.

    • Supply photos (links are fine) of the breed in real life from reputable sources. Please include at least one photo to support each of the colors/patterns and strains you have suggested.

    Master Breed List

    • Base Colors:
    • Modifiers:
    • White Markings:
    • Does your breed carry Appaloosa?
    • Does your breed carry Grey?
    • Which colors are rare for this breed? (Note that this does not affect registration.)
    • What outcrosses are allowed?

    Examples Of The Breed

    Provide at least 3 examples of this breed that you have created in your game. The examples must accurately reflect the breed - they must be of the conformation and type that you described and be of the allowed colors that you listed.

    If your breed has distinct strains that you would like added, you must create at least one example of each strain.

    You can include examples other active members have made as well. The examples do not all have to be owned by you.

    It is recommended but not required that you make these templates available to the community if your breed is accepted so that others may create their own horses of this breed!

    Example One: (About)


    Example Two: (About)


    Example Three: (About)


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