[Winners!] Rosewood Center/Gypsy Vanner Society Promo Auction I

  • PR Committee


    • As this is a promotion auction, activity will not be heavily monitored. That being said, we would like to see these horses go to a show home where they will be competed and shown to further promote the breed.
    • Minor changes to coat/conformation may be made such as detail markings and minor slider tweaks to fit poses. Coat color may not be changed. These horses come with a custom marking that may not be used on any other horses or be put up for mass download.
    • Please notify me if you choose to sell the horse, as I would like to keep track of where they go or even potentially purchase them back.
    • Horses will come with a main site but it will be up to the new owner to register them.

    For Sale

    Rosewood's Crooked Gold (Mare)
    MHS Crooked Miser x LIB Lioness' Gold
    Chestnut Tobiano Splash -> ee/Aa/nT/nSpl
    Pedigree Bonus: 11 (Dressage)

    Goldie is a hard one for us to part with. She is a bold and curious girl who constantly stressed out her mom out in the big pastures. She would do best in a home where she has plenty of room to run. She needs to be kept busy and gets very bored in the stall, so her barn time should be kept to a minimal. Gold's markings are quite minimal for having two white genes, but she is still very flashy with four white legs and abundant feathering, and has a lovely gait.

    alt text alt text
    More pictures available upon request

    Rosewood's Tipping the Miser (Stallion)
    MHS Crooked Miser x Tiptop Nipnop
    Bay Tobiano - Ee/Aa/TT
    Pedigree Bonus: 6 (Dressage) 2 (Halter)

    Miser was the biggest mama's boy as a colt, never straying far from his mother. He has a big personality and never fails to make our staff laugh when he's up to his shenanigans. This lovely boy is homozygous for tobiano and we are sure he will provide many lovely foals to his future home. Miser is a quick learner but can be a bit unsure of himself at first. We suggest a patient trainer for his early work before he is paired with a rider.

    alt text
    More pictures available upon request


    Bidding for both horses starts at $5,000
    Minimum bid increase of $1,000
    No maximum bid increase
    Autobuy will be available after 24 hours of no starting bid and will be $15,000.

    Top Bids

    Rosewood's Crooked Gold $11000
    Rosewood's Tipping the Miser $10000

  • Rosewood's Crooked Gold ~ SB 😍

  • Rosewood's tipping the Miser, SB

  • Rosewood's Crooked Gold = 6k

  • PR Committee

    Top Bids updated!

  • Rosewood's Tipping the Miser - 6K

  • Rosewood tipping the miser 8k

  • Rosewood's Tipping the Miser - 9K

  • Rosewood's Crooked Gold 7K

  • Rosewood's Crooked Gold = 10k

  • Rosewood's Tipping the Miser - 10K

  • PR Committee

    Top bids updated! Thank you everyone! <3

  • Rosewood's Crooked Gold 11k

  • PR Committee

    Giving this a little boost. Just over a week left to place a bid!

  • Crooked Gold is beeeautiful :D

  • PR Committee

    This auction ends tonight at midnight EST if no further bids are placed!

  • PR Committee

    Thank you to everyone who placed a bid and congratulations to the winners!

    Rosewood's Crooked Gold goes to @Eric-Varnheim for $11,000
    Rosewood's Tipping the Miser goes to @Marquis-Moulin for $10,000

    Winners, please DM me with where you want the files sent, and I will create their main site profiles and send the files when I receive payment.

    Part Two of this auction will be coming soon!

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