[WANTED] Horse for Competitions

  • Hello together!

    It's time to find one or two new competition partners for my stable! I decided to start joining the competions here and now I am looking for a competition horse!

    What am I looking for?
    I am looking for a partner for fun and sports. The horse is further promoted and trained with us according to it's character and discipline. It will get its own trainer so it has a caregiver. The horse is also presented in competitions and shows. It gets its own stall in our main stable and daily free time with other horses in our big pastures around our facility.

    I'm looking for a horse with a good realistic template and coat. You can offer me any warmblood, I'm not looking for anything special. If it is possible for you I would love to have a custom marking for it, if not, no markings are also good. And I would love to have an interesting backstory for this horse.
    However, it should be rideable by an adult in competitions, so no small ponies.
    The horse is getting a loving and active home and of course I will pay for a good horse or do a trade.

    If you have such a horse for sale or are willing to create one for me, write it down in the comments and add a picture of your work so I can see if a horse from you could fit to us!

    Thank you in advance :heart:

  • Still searching :slight_smile:

  • I can do an import for you if you like! Otherwise, I think I have a couple of horses sitting in my bin I'd be willing to part with! I'll grab some pics of them when I'm next in game.

  • @Rachel-Deacon
    Both would be great! :blush:

  • @Eric-Varnheim I could also make an import for you. I mainly deal with Irish Draughts and Irish Spot Horses if you're interested.

  • So, I went through my sheets and found a selection of horses. All have main site profiles and all bar one are fully registered and ready to compete! I'm afraid all of them are foundation horses though, and sorry about the picture spam to follow!

    alt text

    Vanaheim's Seraphim - Young Selle Fran├žais stallion registered for eventing. He's a willing boy, but sometimes a little nervous about solid jumps when he can't see where he's going to land. He'll need a patient rider firm leg, but he should go far. Gets on well with all other horses.

    alt text
    Vanaheim's Flameborn - Young Spanish Warmblood stallion registered for dressage. This lad is haughty and standoffish, at least until you pull out an apple for him! While he can be safely turned out with geldings, best to keep him away from mares and other stallions.

    alt text
    Vanaheim's Gold Rush - Young Dutch Warmblood stallion registered for showjumping. He's a very lovable and adoring young lad, but a little clumsy with his feet! He needs a rider to spell things out for him a little on a course, but he's learning quickly.

    alt text
    Vanaheim's Iceborn - Thoroughbred mare registered for showjumping. She's an OTTB just into training under one of our dressage riders to refine her paces a little, but she's a forward going and intelligent mare who's always trying hard to please.

    alt text
    Vanaheim's Phoenix - Thoroughbred mare as of yet unregistered, (she already has a main site profile, she just needs to finish being registered in order to compete). Another OTTB project, but one with a spirited flame that will need a lot of work with a dedicated rider to channel!

  • @Nora-Pigott
    Yes, I am interested! Do you have any examples of your horses? :slight_smile:

  • @Eric-Varnheim
    Sure do! Here are some examples. Hope they are to your liking. :) Just let me know if you would like me to make you an import.

    alt text

    Grey Thoroughbred Mare

    alt text

    Sooty Bay Irish Draught Stallion

    alt text

    KWPN Stallion

  • Are you still looking for a horse?:)

  • @Robin-Levine said in [WANTED] Horse for Competitions:

    Are you still looking for a horse?:)

    Yes :slight_smile:

  • What breed, gender or color do you prefer? I have two horses which I want to sale.

  • @Robin-Levine said in [WANTED] Horse for Competitions:

    What breed, gender or color do you prefer? I have two horses which I want to sale.

    I am not looking for something specific, just show me what you have :smile:

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