The Master Breed List

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    Master Breed List

    How to use this list:

    • Find your breed
    • If your breed has multiple strains, check for the specific strain you are interested in
    • Colors that appear on the list are allowed for your breed
    • Extra details on color expressions may be in the Breed Information section
    • Breeds your breed can be crossed with to produce purebreds of your chosen breed are also listed under "Permitted Outcrosses"

    Master Breed List (Filters)

    A version of the MBL with built-in filters for breeds, groups, base colors, modifiers, white markings and outcrosses.
    How to use this:

    • Use the dropdowns to filter out colors, modifiers, etc.
    • The more modifiers and white markings you include in your search, the slimmer your results will get.
    • For outcrosses, type words in the box under "Permitted Outcrosses" to search the outcross rules for. Use things like "TB", "WBFSH", "Danish" or "Hanoverian"



    Q&A - Please Check for your question here before asking anything!

    • I have Mr Snoodle registered as a Knabstrupper (Sporthorse) but he is palomino, which is not a permitted color for the breed. Do I have to re-register him as another breed?
      Horses that are already breed registered will not need to be re-registered regardless of whether they meet the requirements outlined on this sheet. However, I would urge you to try and switch them to a more appropriate breed if possible. If in doubt, look at the International Sporthorse and Grade options
    • Darth Vader is my prized Shetland pony stud and he is a pink spotted badger. I have definitely seen many pink spotted badger Shetland ponies. How do I get the list changed?
      Post a Master Breed List Change with the title "Pink Spotted Badger in Shetlands.
      • If you believe that a breed can be a certain color that is not already permitted, you will need to show that it actually exists in the real life breed
      • There should be horses of this color registered in the main book/registry for the breed that the BC uses as a guideline. Beware of "alternative" registries where a horse may be called a certain breed but not have actually qualified for the studbook (especially Warmbloods)
      • The POSSIBILITY of that color/pattern coming to exist in the breed due to theoretically permitted outcrossing is not adequate
      • However if a modifier is already in the gene pool (for instance there are palominos), you can assume that related colors are also present (e.g. buckskin, cremello).
      • In some cases real life breeds limit these colors arbitrarily (e.g. the British Warmblood permits palomino but not cremello). In cases where the breed has a fully closed studbook (e.g. Friesian as opposed to most WB breeds), this may be overlooked and the arbitrarily prohibited color permitted on Equus.
      • Registries that state “all colors allowed” are not evidence for all colors actually existing
      • Remember that real life registries/owners/breeders do not always use accurate terminology and should not be assumed to be accurate. For instance "albino" is a popular term for certain Andalusian colors, and Buckskin is frequently called Dun, even the breed does not carry true dun.
      • I urge other members to contribute to the search. But please ONLY post evidence/argument for or against. Random chatter and/or personal opinions will simply slow the process down.
      • Once your request has been assessed, the thread will be locked and "Approved" or "Denied" indicated. This is final in the absence of further evidence.
    • I breed Straight Egyptian Arabians, but I can't find any information about Arabian strains. Panic!
      EQUUS only tracks strains that are unique enough to warrant different discipline caps. If you have reason to believe that your breed is missing strain information that would warrant a new sub-breed to be added, please post a Master Breed List Change.
    • Do I need to calculate percentage ancestry for my horse?
      Check the Grade Breeds tab of the MBL to see what breeds need their breed percentage added at registration, and fill out the Grade Breed Makeup Form if you have a horse of these breeds who's already registered that is missing its breed makeup.
    • My favourite breed/strain is not on the list. Can it be added?
      To get a new breed added, start a thread titled [New Breed: Breed Name]
      • Must be a real life breed with some kind of registry
      • Must not already be covered by an existing breed on Equus unless you can demonstrate the distinction between them and the value of adding the new one
      • Must have some distinguishing characteristics
      • Please read the Equus Breed Request Template before posting.
    • My perlino dun is a mix of AQH, Thoroughbred, Danish WB, Percheron, Caspian and Criollo. Will it qualify as an International Sporthorse?
      As long as it has a "sporty" build (i.e. somewhat Warmblood-like), yes.
    • What is meant by medium sabino/minimal splash/high white etc?
      Look in the "Definitions" tab.
    • This breed says it allows appaloosa. Is snowflake allowed?
      Yes. ALL appaloosa patterns are allowed.
    • How long will breed changes take?
      Unfortunately, while I can approve them, actually making the changes requires direct access to the database at the moment and as a result breed changes may take some time. Please be patient with us and we will do the best we can.

    If you have any further questions, please contact @Nikki-Calvaria (preferably by DM on Slack) and if your question hasn't already been answered, I will add it to the list.

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    Master Breed List: Automatic Registration Update

    Our old friend the MBL is finally getting a face lift!

    This version of the Master Breed List is almost fully automatic, meaning it updates with new breeds and their color information as soon as they are added to the system. It also means there are no differences between what is accepted by autoreg and what is listed on the MBL; everything a breed is accepted to carry in the registration system is displayed on the MBL. However, this new version of the MBL is designed to only be a reflection of what is allowed and denied by autoreg, meaning there are now some differences between the MBL you've been using for years and the new one.

    Some changes you will notice:

    • Grey and Appaloosa are now listed under modifiers and white markings, respectively.
    • Any breed that is accepted to carry Agouti (Bay) is now listed to carry Wild Bay and Seal Brown as well.
    • Sooty has been removed completely from the list of modifiers. You can still create sooty coats in any breed, but they are not tracked at registration.
    • Rare colors have been completely removed as well, as color rarity does not affect registration.
    • Ranges of expression (minimum splash, maximum sabino) have been removed from the white markings list. Any relevant notes about what the real-life registry prefers or accepts in terms of chrome or other color expressions have been moved to the "Color/Pattern Notes" section.
    • You will notice that a large number of strains have been removed. Any breed that is listed as one breed on the mainsite is now listed as only one breed on the MBL, and multiple strains within a breed have been compiled into a single breed (for example, Arabians.) If you believe a breed needs to have multiple strains added as distinct breeds, please post a breed change request. Keep in mind, however, that new strains are unlikely to be added unless they are very distinct from each other (either by need to restrict allowed colors or requiring different discipline caps.)

    If you believe a breed is missing color or outcross information, or has some incorrect information listed, please do not hesitate to post a Breed Change Request to show your evidence. If you find a color that has been mistakenly removed from a breed please post a bug report in the Automatic Registration thread.

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