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  • I was told by friends I had to change my lighting mod, I'm looking for a good one unfortunately I can't use brntwaffles lighting mod because it'll make my horses dark. Any suggestions?

  • This one is good, I used it for years :slight_smile:

  • I'll give it a try. I'm still open to suggestions. So far the ones I've found continue to make my dark colored horses darker

    Using the mod.

    alt text

  • @Serenity-Gwin When you're taking pictures of your horses in game, try placing some of the light's in buydebug mode around the horse to get lighter pictures.
    Bring up the cheat bar with holding down Ctrol shift and C, make sure you have this first code typed in:
    testingcheatsenabled true (exactly as i've typed it, then press enter. Then open the cheat panel again and type in: buydebug and then press enter. Go into Buy Mode and there should be a ? icon at the top of the blue box at the bottom with all the in game items, click on that and on the misc tab at the end. You'll see at first what look like empty blue boxes, hover over them and you'll see ceiling lights or a bit further down, wall lights.

    Hope that helps a bit :)

  • I don't think there is a light mod that makes the horses look in game as they do in CAP. It's unfortunate. You just have to find a mod that darken your horses the least... :/

  • I use this lightning mod and people often compliment me how full of light my photos are. However, you need to use some effort yourself to make your horses look brighter in pics, like using buydebug lights like others have already adviced. Pics very seldom look great if you just take photos in the "natural" conditions. You can also tweak your pics in Photoshop or other photo editing software to make them look the way you want, by changing the brightness, exposure, contrast and adding lights. I think there's very little you can do if you only try to get brighter dark horses only by changing your lightning mod, or at least my pics would look totally different if I'd just take quck pics without playing with ingame lights and Photoshop. :slight_smile:

  • I'll just stick with what Merida suggested I actually use to use it way before I started using brntwaffles.

    And to be honest, horses look crappy in game but in screenshots they look nice.

    alt text

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