Credit to create horse in main site

  • Hello,
    I'm new in this forum (since October or November), and I have some questions ask you. But, my big question is about the credit to create horse in main site. How to collect credits ? Because, I will started breeding of Selle Français, but, for participate at competitions, we have to registrate in the main site. So, without credit, it's difficult. ^^

    Thanks in advance,
    Gaïa Nollick

  • I checked your mainsite profile and saw that you have 4 hc that you can use so far ^^ for getting more you can buy from Equus (not sure where to find the order form here) or ask in advertisement chat channel at slack / or post a topic here on forum that you want to buy some credits ^^

  • Hi,
    you can only buy credits. Each credit costs $2,000. Just sent the money to the Equus Admin Account and put in the memo how many you want.

  • @Christina-Lindblad I know, but I prefer to request, before ^^ And thanks for your answer :'')

    @Jase-Sunshine Thanks you for your answer :3

  • @Gaïa-Nollick yes, you can't have too many of them - it's always good to have some extra in the storage ^^

  • @Christina-Lindblad ^^ I'm considerate :'p

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