[Ends: Feb 1, 2018] PRE Stallion & Warmblood Mare custom marking

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    Hello and welcome to Varieur Estates, we are happy to have you here with us today! This is the first ever Varieur Estates promotional auction. Being new within the community I decided to offer up a lovely PRE stallion named Varieur's Crescendo. This stunning foundation stallion is a free spirit. He has begun some under saddle training, in hand he moves and behaves like a dream. When let out to paddock or out into the arena should it be raining he trots, rolls, gallops, bucks and prances. He is a talker as well! He is the first horse you hear in the morning demanding his breakfast and the last horse to be heard at dinner time from the paddock gate. He runs his schedule when he wants to come in and when he wants to be let out. Work wise though, when he gets his leg wraps on he knows its time for busniess and couldn't be happier to do whatever is asked of him.

    We have also decided to sell our lovely mare Varieur's Made By Prada. She is a warmblood bred for eventing, however she could go whichever way you please with how quickly she learns. She's a timid little mare but once she warms up to you she turns into a giant puppy dog. She enjoys a cup of spiced oats in the morning, a warm rug at night, and has taken to every bit of training we have thrown at her. Eventing and Show Jumping on her and she glides over fences and can turn on a dime. Her marking is unique as is her rich dark chocolate black coat.

    We only have a few requirements before we get down to bidding. These are simple and should be pretty much common sense.

    Allowances: Mane and tail style changes, detail markings adjusted/added/removed, minor tweaks allowed to his confo for pose purposes only. You may have private face (A simple star or simple blaze nothing to bold) and leg marking added should you not wish to use public markings and clutter up your games. You may provide parents for the horse, however the only case with is is Varieur's must remain his prefix. His barn name may be changed.

    ○ Prohibited: You may not upload the horse to any public domain for download, you may not register the horse under your Creators ID, mine should be used (ID:9822), you may not use his coat on any other horse, you may not use his template for other horses or alter to use for other horses.

    ○ Possibilities: Should you dislike his show name we can come to an agreement to have the name changed. Please do not do this unless we have spoken.

    • Varieur's Crescendo - PRE Stallion - Bay
    • Starting Bid: 5,000
    • Increase Limit Min: 1,000
    • Increase Limit Max: None

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    • Varieur's Made By Prada - Chocolate Black YOU CHOOSE BREED- Mare - Custom Marking
    • Starting Bid: 10,000
    • Increase Limit Min: 1,000
    • Increase Limit Max: None

    alt text

    Bidding Ends: February 1, 2018 @ Midnight US Central Time

  • He´s gorgeous!!

  • Starting bid. Don't need want him to be added to my PRE save as new blood lol

  • Accepted :D

  • Another horse added

  • This mare is absolutely gorgeous! What a shame it's not a Warmblood : (

  • @Jade-Nguyen said in [Ends: Feb 1, 2018] PRE Stallion & APH Mare custom marking:

    This mare is absolutely gorgeous! What a shame it's not a Warmblood : (

    I'd be willing to allow her to be registered as a warmblood. (She actually resembles one better then an APH XD)

  • Paint mare can now have her breed chosen by new owner

  • Yay! Sb then ^^

  • any news about this?

  • @Jade-Nguyen & @Breanna-Fahnestock
    You two ladies are the wonderful new owners
    I apologize on the wait time. I was on call all this week and worked the night shift previous.
    I'll get them packaged up and sent over ASAP please message me your emails.

  • thank you so much! no worries, I completely understand :)

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