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    Our Horses


    ID Number Name Breed Gender Primary Dicipline Points Secondary Dicipline Points Breeding
    #3224 SG Infernal Devices KWPN Stallion Show Hunting 150 Show Jumping 127 PM
    #18457 DVEC Vuelt KWPN Stallion Show Jumping 182 Eventing 184 PM
    #22568 Gallaway's Furst Romancier KWPN Stallion Dressage 40 - - Unavailable
    #22701 Code of Valor Thoroughbred Stallion Flat Racing 117 - - PM
    #23698 WD Outta My Sky KWPN Stallion Show Jumping 166 Eventing 117 PM
    #25560 Adonai VDH Hanovarian Stallion Eventing 79 Dressage 90 PM
    #25102 PCRA Music In Me KWPN Stallion Show Jumping 130 Eventing 95 PM
    #25939 EVEC Not My Style KWPN Stallion Show Jumping 60 Eventing 18 Unavailable
    #26860 Secret Code Thoroughbred Stallion Flat Racing 94 - - Unavailable
    #26568 RHOV Eldarion Connemara Stallion Pony Show Jumping 83 - - Unavailable
    #27045 Above All Thoroughbred Colt Flat Racing 50 - - Unavailable
    #27234 RFE Devil His Due Irish Draught Stallion Dressage 26 - - Unavailable
    #28826 EVEC Ambassador Australian Warmblood Stallion Dressage 12 Show Jumping 12 Unavailable
    #29681 DPPR Sojourner Soldier DSP/RPSI Stallion Show Jumping 12 Eventing 12 Unavailable
    #Pending WM End Run Criollo Stallion Western Dressage - - - Unavailable


    ID Number Name Breed Gender Primary Dicipline Points Secondary Dicipline Points Breeding
    #10696 AGEC Peanut Brittle Connemara Mare Dressage 0 Pony Show Jumping 55 Unavailable
    #16660 RDEC Suburban KWPN Mare Eventing 105 - - Unavailable
    #19873 PCRA La Costa KWPN Mare Eventing 129 Show Jumping 73 PM
    #21451 EVEC Cytokineses Thoroughbred Mare Show Jumping (Retired) 106 Dressage (Retired) 106 PM
    #22792 WHEC Still Broken KWPN Mare Show Jumping 13 - - Unavailable
    #25939 EVEC Not My Style KWPN Stallion Show Jumping 60 Eventing 18 Unavailable
    #23003 RDEC Night Thief KWPN Mare Eventing 109 Dressage 169 PM
    #23532 PCRA Murasaki KWPN Mare Show Jumping 156 Eventing 122 N/A
    #23605 SBS Avasha KWPN Mare Show Jumping 117 - - Unavailable
    #24138 VDF Vindicated KWPN Mare Eventing 122 Dressage 111 N/A
    #24449 EVEC Nocturne KWPN Mare Eventing 127 Show Jumping 115 -
    #24522 WP Toy Story Australian Warmblood Mare Dressage 134 Show Jumping 105 -
    #25113 Fine Design Thoroughbred Mare Flat Racing (Retired) 112 Eventing (Retired) 48 Available 1/17
    #25994 Light and Dust QM Hanovarian Mare Eventing 78 Show Jumping 92 Unavailable
    #26213 Visionary HW KWPN Mare Eventing 47 Dressage 54 Unavailable
    #26788 WP Regal Blue KWPN Mare Dressage 44 Eventing 65 Unavailable
    #27443 EVEC Airman Thoroughbred Mare Show Jumping 57 Eventing 51 Unavailable
    #27948 WDKH Aquarius Kinsky Horse Mare Eventing 52 Show Jumping 65 Unavailable
    #27967 Triple Sec Irish Draught Mare Dressage 31 Eventing 64 Unavailable
    #28022 BP Golden Channel Thoroughbred Filly Flat Racing 32 - - Unavailable
    #29401 FWEC Dandere Thorougbred Filly Flat Racing 13 - - Unavailable
    #29429 EVEC Midnight Sun Irish Sport Horse Mare Show Hunting - - - Unavailable
    #29968 EVEC Todoroki Danish Warmblood Mare Eventing - - - Unavailable
    #30203 EVEC Pandemonium Hanoverian Mar Eventing - - - Unavailable

    Updated 10/26


  • Competition Committee



    QMR One Starry Night. Starry Night is a Classical Knabstrupper mare who is used as a beginner dressage lesson horse. She is fantastic with children and extremely willing even at the upper levels. When not being ridden by children, she is a personal favorite of Starla Owari (pictured above).


    Inverin's Eldarion. Eldarion is our very first connemara pony! Connemaras are a personal favorite of mine, as I work with them daily and own one of my own. Eldarion is quite frisky, and though was originally bought as a smaller children's mount, he will instead be ridden exclusively by me in pony show jumping.

  • Competition Committee

    I've been hard at work building, and I finally feel comfortable showing a preview of my new facilities. It's not complete, but it's getting there.

    0_1486090744409_Screenshot-327.jpg 0_1486090752610_Screenshot-321.jpg

  • Those paddocks :heart_eyes: stunning facilites!

  • Beautiful!

    What world are you building in? :)

  • Beautiful facilities! You are a good builder ;)

  • It's so green and horse friendly! :heart_eyes: Your hard work paid off, it's wonderful!

  • Competition Committee


    @Neeve-Kalford - Thank you! ^_^

    @Julianna-Croft - It is a world from the Russian ES by Anastasya Dock.

    @Borja-Domecq - Thank you, I'm pretty happy with it :)

    @Merida-Dahmer - It is, I have high hopes for it :)

  • PR Committee

    I love the look of your facilities, especially those curvy pastures. My pastures always end up such strange shapes :laughing:

  • Competition Committee

    EWE All for Naught

    alt text

    EWE All for Naught was imported from Ireland as a yearling. We took a big risk with her, but she has come through for us. She has been extremely successful in her racing career of 11 starts (as of 03/17) and broke her maiden her first time out. Her record to date is three wins, three places, and one show ( 3 | 3 | 1 | 4). She has 86 points in flat racing and will retire to eventing once she reaches 100 points.

    Above All

    Alt text

    Above All (left) came from Sophie Lawrence and just started his racing career. He has shown great promise in training, but did not do terribly well on the track in his first race. He broke his maiden his second time out, though, and I do have high hopes for him. His record is currently one win and an unplaced (1 | 0 | 0 | 1). I'm anxious to see how he will do in the future. EWE Achilles (right) was recently sold to Blake Bellanaris.

    EWE Airman


    Airman is not going to be sent to the track. She has started her training, but I feel like she would do better as a show jumper. She is by Ocean Pearl's Benzin and out of EWE Cytokineses.

    EWE Cytokineses


    Cytokineses was my very first horse and has been with me through many many moves and seen many horses come and go. She is a loving mother of two, and while on the verge of retirement, she's still lively and ready to go whenever the time arises.

    Eastbourgh's Sleepy Sheep


    Sheepy is our little horse that could. He started out as a polo pony, but just couldn't keep up. He has the heart for running, though, and while he never raced, he has excelled in eventing. He's sitting at 92 lifetime points (Eventing: 50 | Show Hunting: 42).

  • Competition Committee

    About Me

    I felt as though I should do this sooner rather than later. My name is Heather Tann, and I am a university student in the United States. I have been simming since 2014 and been an equus member since December of 2015. I am majoring in Equine Science with the goal of vet school, though that is still up in the air. Regardless, I will graduate a certified equine vet tech.

    I dabbled in digital art and animation in highschool, mostly cartoony things. If you've been to my stable's website, you've probably seen my goofy "Image coming soon" filler pic of one of my OCs for a comic that never got finished.

    0_1486483788846_Image Coming Soon!.png

    I work off of GIMP and a combo of my ancient Wacom Bamboo pen tablet and my laptop's touchpad (though you will probably rarely see any edited photos because GIMP sucks for that sort of thing). I custom built my laptop, because my other passion is gaming. I mostly PC game, various MMORPG stuff and frequently get contracts for testing. That's unimportant, though, because if anyone's actually reading this, you probably want to hear about my horse.

    0_1488211099146_canter cory.jpg
    (Photo credit @Laurel-Jones )

    This is Big Bear's Cornelius (Cory), my connemara. I've had him since birth, and he'll be 12 coming up in May, so we've been together a while. We are eventers, and I've taken him up to training level, though I myself have gone through Intermediate. He has his quirks, but I love him for it. What would life be without a little fun here and there? (and by fun, I mean bucking for no reason)

    0_1486485660544_cory big trot.jpg
    (I want to say this was in 2008)

    I started out riding at 5 years old. I did strictly hunters for a couple of years, did okay, and then switched riding schools. From there, I started eventing on my first pony, Diamond. Diamond was a little blood bay grade pony of unknown origin. My family rescued him from the animal shelter, and I had him for maybe two years before he died having been let loose from his pasture in a not-so-funny prank that ended with him being hit by a car. I lost interest in riding for a bit after that, switched barns again, and got Cory. I started out again with hunters on Cory, but I knew I was an eventer at heart. We moved barns frequently during my childhood, and during that time I had the opportunity to try Hunter Pacing and Fox Hunting (which, if ever you get an opportunity, you should totally do).
    0_1486485755613_Cory 2011.jpg

    It was around this time that I had my first big accident. I was jumping in the summer of 2013, and everything was going perfectly. After we came off a small crossrail. I suddenly saw his head go down and the ground rushing up to meet me. The next thing I know, I'm spitting out sand and my horse is laying beside me. My first thought was, "oh no, he broke his neck". Thankfully, that was not the case. He got up and was fine, albeit sore and with a small wound on his chest. I, on the other hand, was in shock and didn't notice I had torn half of my chin off and was bleeding everywhere. I was rushed to the hospital for 15 stitches. Come to find out, he had just tripped one stride after landing, on what, who knows. In fact, my mother (who was watching on in horror), got a picture of it. Heh, that was a fun day... not. I took a month off, and then was back to riding.


    When I was 16 years old, I was invited to exercise a family friend's racehorse, and that is also something to try if ever given the chance. I spent about 6 months doing that before I moved barns again.

    In the winter of 2014, I had my second bad accident. It was cold, and I'm from the "north", so it can get to be below zero some days. I had not ridden consistently all season, as I boarded and the farm was some ways away. My trainer was there with me, egging me on, but I was stiff and out of shape and knew I couldn't keep my leg as still as I should have been. My pony, the trickster that he is, could feel that I wasn't really paying attention, so coming around the corner of the arena at a canter, he stopped dead and bucked twice. The first buck unseated me. The second incorporated a graceful twist-and-kick routine that would have been cute had I not gone flying and taken a hoof to the face. Now, my horse is 14.3hh on a good day, but I'm not much better at 5'0 exactly and 120lbs. That kick felt like slamming into a brick wall. I passed out and woke up almost immediately, but helmet-less and disoriented. I had bitten through my bottom lip, so there was blood and I couldn't speak all that well. Being the horsewoman that I am, of course I got up and went to retrieve my helmet. Yes, my helmet had flown off. No, it wasn't because it was too lose. It was because it was in three pieces. The visor had snapped. and just about half of it had broken off, leaving it completely unwearable. Later, I realized that my helmet saved my life, for without it, I would most definitely be dead.

    My horse is not a malicious creature. Usually I ride his bucks with ease, reprimanding him and getting on with life. Today was different. Today he had wanted to hurt me, though why, I'm still not sure. All I know is I got a new helmet and remounted, only to be thrown again because I obviously was not as okay as I thought and had verbalized. With the second fall, my trainer took the reins from me and got on herself, which never ever happens as I trained Cory myself and she's much bigger than me. She rode him for two hours. I think he regrets what he did. I drove home that day and picked up my little sister. We went to the library and then out for ice cream. I felt fine, besides a slight headache. I did not wake up the next morning.

    When I did wake, I was in the hospital. Apparently I was concussed. I didn't remember. They did all sorts of tests on me for days, and when I did go home, I was told to come back every week until I was better. I was in and out for 6 months doing all sorts of studies. My memories came back, but I had received permanent brain damage. They told me I shouldn't ride again. Yeah, I thought they were silly too.

    I did listen, though, for a while. I took the summer off, leased out Cory, and focused on resting. I was set to go to college in the fall and didn't want to mess that up. Concussion number two happened that fall, while lunging. I just bumped my head, nothing major at all. Most people wouldn't even notice. I lost years worth of memories. Finished my first semester, and dropped. I took the next year to rest, and went back in the fall to a new school and a new major. Concussion number three happened via trauma while doing groundwork with a different horse. That one wasn't serious, it just set me back a little. But I pressed onward, because horses are what I love.

    I write this silly monologue from my desk, two years later. I ride every day, without headaches. I still have some trouble learning, but it's manageable. I'm doing what I love, with the people I love, and the horse that I love. Cory is here at school with me, and I'm happy to inform you that he hasn't gotten me off since. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get me where I am today, but it was all worth it. I didn't give up. I suppose the moral to my story is if you're passionate about something, never give up, even if the world is against you.

    alt text
    (Photo Credit @Laurel-Jones )

  • Competition Committee

    I am proud to present our two newest additions: February 2017 babies!

    First to drop is EWE Divine Direction. She is a chestnut KWPN filly by WD Outta My Sky, out of Extalia VDH. She receives +8 in Eventing and +6 in Show Jumping

    0_1487351488007_Screenshot-394.jpg 0_1487352194503_Screenshot-395.jpg

    EWE Nocturne foaled second, and proved herself as a broodmare. Her colt, EWE Completionist, is by DVEC Vuelt and receives +13 in Eventing and +7 in Show Jumping.

    0_1487352543966_Screenshot-396.jpg 0_1487352553775_Screenshot-397.jpg

    Both foals will be for sale in March and come with custom markings.

  • Oh I love the two chestnuts they are gorgeous :heart_eyes: And I love the little colt he is very elegant! I'm excited to see them grown up!

  • I love EWE Completionist, I need she for my eventing team :heart_eyes: And Nocturne is amazing too

  • Competition Committee

    Newest Additions

    WDKH Aquarius

    • #27948, 02/17
    • WDKH Azor Ahai x PCRA Murasaki
    • Kinsky Horse bred by Wester Drumlins

    Aquarius has a future in both Show Jumping and eventing.


    Triple Sec

    • #27961, 02/16
    • On The Rocks PJ x Ferns Lass T
    • Irish Draught bred by Emily Preston-James

    "T" will carry on in her parent's legacy competing in dressage and eventing.


    EWE Not My Style

    • #25939, 08/16
    • WD Outta My Sky x EWE Cytokineses
    • KWPN bred by me

    Style has returned to us and will stay with me for the remainder of his life.


    AGEC Peanut Brittle

    • #10696, 10/12
    • Foundation
    • Connemara bred by Cristyne Westwood

    The future foundation of my connemara breeding program.


  • Competition Committee


    Pictured above: WM End Run (left) is our newest addition. He is a blue roan overo Criollo import from @Cat-Shepherd, and I have plans to show him in Working Equitation. Pictured right is EVH Nocturne, a homebred KWPN.

  • Dang, you've got some fine new additions :heart_eyes: EWE Not My Style's head is so refined, love it!

    The pasture End Run & Nocturne are in seems like the perfect pasture for a horse - big and hilly :3

  • Competition Committee


    (Pictured: Above All, bred by Sophie Lawrence)

    Hello everyone! I've been super busy with both my real life horse and the competition committee here on Equus, which has more or less prevented me from editing anything at all. It's Show season IRL, and with horse shows about every other week, I've been up to my ears with horsie things (but that isn't the worst problem I could have). That said, I haven't been as "active" on the forum as I'd like to be, aside from show hosting. I'd like to change that here soon, but as I've no new pictures for you, I'd like to show off my
    New (under construction) website.

    Unfortunately I don't have as much time to devote to being in game to take pictures as I would like to, but I have been working on updating my website and horse profiles. The mobile version is not at all polished and is rather clunky as of now, so I apologize for this, but bear with me. Not all of my oodles of ponies have profiles yet, but I'm adding a few every day and I'm happy with the progress. Most of the images are place holders and will be edited when I find the time to do so, but without further ado... Click here!

  • Wow beautiful grounds, photos and horses, very nice work.

  • Competition Committee


    Although vaulting is no longer a discipline here on Equus, it is a major part of my life. Even though vaulting is not super popular in the USA, I am part of my University's competitive vaulting team. The people I have met in the past couple of years have become some of my closest friends, so I just wanted to do a small shoutout to the sport.

  • Beautiful horse and photo, that is too bad about vaulting not apart of the shows here on this site. Maybe some day they will add it.

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