Toledo`s Berries Stables Breeding 2018 | [Ended DELETE PLS]

  • Welcome!

    Rules for breeding season!

    • You can offer your mare for breeding.
    • The horse has to keep the Prefix TBS and no other prefix or suffix may be added.
    • You can choose the name, sex, suit, markings of the offspring.
    • I make two templates: a foal and an adult horse
    • Do not change the coat color, shape of the horse, color of eyes and so on.
    • You are not allowed to offer the horse or its unique markings for public download.
    • You are allowed to change shine, mane and tail.
    • If you want to sell the horse, please contact us first.
    • Do not resell a horse without us knowledge.
    • If the photoreport is not available for a long time (four months) or the horse owner ignores my messages, I undertake to pick up the horse.

    Armageddon 30629
    SEE Dampfross x Cincinnati's Treasure
    Genotype: Ееаа
    Show Jumping
    Fee: 2000

    alt text

    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text

    Please send your application form to me via a private message
    Application form:

    Your name:
    Mare's name:
    Mare's breed:
    Mare's genotype:
    Anything else:

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