{Ends February 6th} Foxhill Architecture 2Lots for Auction

  • Welcome to Foxhill Architecture

    We have two lots up for Auction, each are small facilities, but are unique to their environments. I've included basic build and buy stuff so feel free to edit these lots and make them feel more homey. Please enjoy these spaces as they were created to be cherished. If you have any questions or comments feel free to PM me. I will post the winners on February 6th around 2pm PST (USA).


    0_1517196989137_pinevalley2.png 0_1517196995634_pinevalley3.png 0_1517197005351_pinevalley4.png

    Small facility with an indoor and outdoor arena, has 11 stalls, a grooming and wash area and spaces to have an office, feedroom, and tack room. There is also an upstairs that could be turned into a very small apartment for someone to live in. There are several pastures for your ponies to run and enjoy the outdoors. This stable was based off more European stables but could be from anywhere in the world.

    Starting Bid - 40K
    Min Increase: 1,000
    Max: N/A


    0_1517197350368_meadowbrook2.png 0_1517197360966_meadowbrook3.png 0_1517197369603_meadowbrook4.png

    A small and quaint facility with 6 stalls, a small office/tack room and a small feed room. There are two grooming bays. This cute barn has direct connection to a small indoor arena, but also has a nice sized outdoor arena. There are two large paddocks for ponies to run around in and 3 small paddocks for stallions or mares with foals. This barn would be the perfect starter barn, or a space to house retired horses or new and upcoming horses. This stable was based off a more North American vibe, but could be from Europe or the UK.

    Starting Bid - 40K
    Min Increase: 1,000
    Max: N/A

    Lot Current Highest Bid
    Pine Valley @Nikki-Calvaria 40K
    MeadowBrook @Amelia-Martin-Teagarden 43K

    alt text

  • Administrators

    Pine Valley - SB

  • Accepted! :)

  • Meadowbrook SB

  • Meadowbrook 42,000

  • All Accepted

  • Meadowbrook 43k

  • Accepted!

  • Wondering if there is anymore interest in these properties? Or to go ahead and give them to the current highest bidders?

  • Meadowbrook 45k

    Sorry still interested with school I fell off the face of the planet lol

  • Love Meadowbrook but I have no use for it XD

  • Pine Valley - 45k :pineapple:

  • Administrators

    Pine Valley - 50k

  • Winners:
    @Michelle-Frohman: Meadowbrooke for 45K
    @Nikki-Calvaria: Pine Valley for 50K

    Message Me after payment and I'll send files!

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