Kanerva Stud and Ivan's Life/ "Donner & Blitz"/ 23.05

  • Hiiii and welcome to my blog, I guess?
    I'll tell you first of all something about the Kanerva Stud. :)

    Kanerva Stud is breeding high quality Oldenburg horses since summer 2017. I totally love this breed!
    At the moment the stud has about 15 horses, mostly Oldenburg horses but there are also other breeds like the north swedish draft horse or PRE.
    The Kanerva Stud belongs to a young man with the name Ivan Argentum (earlier Ivan Kanerva). He's cute 23 years old and in a realationship with Ronan Dhall, his boyfriend.

    So that was a quick little summary and I hope you'll enjoy my "blog". :3

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello anf Welcome to here boy !!! :)

  • And noooow I'm gonna show you some of my favourite pictures. ♥

    0_1517263508925_words of donnner.jpg
    Oldenburg stallion Words Of Donner. His sire/father/dad ( i don't know how it's called. I'm sorry) is Donnerwetter KS. You'll see soon pictures of him too!

    Do you want to see an Oldenburg horse with a special coat? Well, here it is!
    Cuba Libre² was created after a reallife horse. :) And the guy on the left is Caden. He's one of a few riders on Kanerva Stud.

  • I love Word of Donner !!! <3 <3 <3

  • 0_1517263965627_schimmelvieh.jpg

    Oldenburg mare Rivanya KS. ♥ I totally love white horses.!

    0_1517264060285_cuba  smalo.jpg
    And again Cuba Libre². ♥

  • really beautiful horses :)

  • Beautiful horses and beautiful edits!

  • Banned

    Your editing style is so amazing!

  • You're here :heart:

  • 0_1517512096062_VEJLEBY.jpg Raleighs Vejleby and Ive. ♥

  • oh beautiful couple

  • @Ivan-Kanerva You, your editions, your horses, your boys :heart:

  • your horses are just :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • 0_1517581624976_seoul.jpg

    A few weeks ago Ive visited Seoul, Korea. He likes to travel around the world and get to know different cultures.

    (I'm so uncreativ. I'm sorry p_p)

  • Banned

    handsome guyyy

  • 0_1518286087192_minidonnerxradioactiv.jpg

    Oldenburg stallions Radioactiv² KS (Chestnut) and Words Of Donner KS/x

    ((Speededit will follow soon! ♥ ))

  • No stirrup February? :P Beautiful edit!

  • That edit looks great. I learned so much to improve my editing by looking that speed edit. Thank you :heart:

    (Your from Germany too?)

  • 0_1518715580603_panamera springen.jpg

    Oldenburg mare Panamera KS with her trainer Mella. :)

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