[ALL SOLD] Three pretty RID stallions!

  • Some rules:

    • You can add / reduce shine to the coat
    • You can replace the markings with similar ones, if they do not appear in your game
    • You can add / reduce muscle mass, but do not change the conformation
    • When you show the horses in your blogs, please tag me, I'll be glad to see them
    • Enjoy :heart:
    :shamrock: :shamrock: :shamrock:
    Meet three true Irish boys! They are ready to be your best friend!
    First one - bay stallion WRN Walhalla Awayts Me (WRN Voland (Leprechaun x Walhalla) x Epona. He is a Very smart and curious boy.
    0_1517392712576_Walhall2 (2).jpg
    0_1517392734814_Walhall2 (1).jpg
    The second one - dark bay cute WRN Captain Whiskey (WRN Captain Hook (NLN Ossian x WRN Kelpi) x WRN Bushmills Whiskey - Local Champion in SJ
    This is a very hard-working boy, with a good leap
    0_1517393094416_Captain2 (2).jpg
    0_1517393108439_Captain2 (1).jpg
    And last one - chestnut cute WRN Love Me Tender (WRN Lucky Shamrok x Valkyrie) This cute little boy does not mind playing and fooling around, but he is very directed at a person who is friendly and intelligent.
    0_1517393404759_Love2 (1).jpg
    0_1517393418297_Love2 (2).jpg
    If you liked one of these stallions, comment here or write me in private messages.
    All good mood and success!
    :shamrock: :shamrock: :shamrock:

  • Oooh gonna contact you when I get hooome!

  • Message sent :)

  • All horses are sold. Many thanks! Wait for new sales!

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