Graphic Tablet

  • So my Graphic Tablet won't re-calibrate at all, I can't access the tablet program to even re-calibrate it so RIP tablet you gave me a few good years.

    I'm looking at getting a new one so any suggestions?

    Just so people know, I did install the new driver software the tablet works and I can use it but there are features I cannot use with my tablet that I need if I am going to edit

  • Have you tried to delete all files wich are related with your tablet and then install an older driver not the newest version

  • I wouldn't know what to delete to be honest...

    I just bought a new tablet, paid about $25 for it, reviews for it were okay and it can be my back up tablet when my Wacom is fixed. I also contacted them as well about it because maybe they would have more of an insight thing about it.

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