What are u'r most have in u'r mods?

  • Hello guys!

    I have just finished reinstalling all of my sims 3 games, after i had to reset my whole computer, so i lost anything cuz' i din't get a chance to ma a back-up of my files. :(

    So now i need u'r help! Witch mods (not custom content) is u'r most haves?
    I mean like witch lighting mod do u use, witch HD-mod do u use, mods like the no intro-mod, yeah i think u get the idea of what i'm looking for. :)

    So please, hit me with everything u got! :P

    Love Jacinta :heart:

  • Banned

    I use of course Nraas Mastercontroller and Portait Panel, Poseplayer ofc, HQ Mod but I dont know which one sorry, No Intro Mod and brntwaffles‘ Lightning Mod, if I havent forgot one mod.

  • Lighting mod (whichever you like), NRaas Master Controller, Luke's 4k HD mods and several other mods that stop autonomus behavior like exiting stalls, digging, curfew and stuff like that.

    From NRaas I also use the DebugEnabler, HomeOpener, Mover, Overwarch, Register and StoryProgression :) Had PortraitPanel but it was crashing and lagging my game for some reason.

  • PR Committee

    For Equus purposes, the no shine tail (if you use EA tails), no more hoof cube, and depending on how you play your game, I like the no Autonomous Go Home from here, Mare Pregnancy Progression (this is better for personal games), and all of Heather's mods.

    And of course there's the obvious ones: Nrass Master Controller, Portrait Panel, Poseplayer, HQ mods, lighting.... things to pretty up the game and make it work in a way EA didn't intend.

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