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    Maybe one day I'll add a fancy intro and a table with all my horses but for now here are some of my favourite pictures, pulled from the old scrapbook.
    Post #1 is endy horses!

    Our beloved Icelandic mare Skvísa, competing in a recent show with Liz. They took second place in this race.

    Felix (ART Felix Felicis), a pintabian stallion from Nikki, and Riff Raff, a mustang gelding, being dweebs in turnout

    Skor (Fae's Leitmotif), a young Arab x Nex Perce stallion from Elsie. This was his first ever race and he took first place!

    Our two Icelandic endy girls, Trissa of Stormhaven (a young prospect from Anna) and Skvísa (who may well be my most photographed horse)

    Cieraugh & her Arab mare She-Ra: Princess of Power at dawn in a recent race

    Tarot (Fae's Grimoire), another Arab x Nez bab from Elsie and another of Cieraugh's main mounts

    That's plenty for now, next up will be jumpers or eventers or something!

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    Beautiful. Your choice to showcase endy pons first is perfect. Not biased at all.

  • licks delicious

  • I haven't been on here in so long! Life has been and continues to be too busy, but I miss my sim horses and don't plan on being gone forever. To the breeders of my horse squad, my general plan for this is that time is just kind of frozen in my world and my horses will resume training and aging when I get back. I still love them and pat their frozen noses in my head. Anyway yeah I have a new job and like social obligations and I'm moving and have weird romance things happening and eventually things will calm down and I'll resume hiding in my room and playing with sims, but in the meantime please know that I haven't just ghosted. Ok go team, love u friends

  • Surprise, I'm back & I'm updating horses

    I finally made Cosima the marking I meant for her to have all along & suddenly she's one of my absolute favourites.

    It took approx. 80 years but I'm so pleased with how it turned out. Click here if you want to flip back and forth between her new & old coats

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    It looks like her new coat has given her a new lease on life - go baby go!

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