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    Your account has been locked temporarily !

    What i don't understand ? Why ?

  • Administrators

    What is your account name? Maybe I can help :)

  • Nina Ricchi !!

    Why i have locked ? i don't understand !

  • Administrators

    Oh no! You've been temporarily banned. Please check your email for more information.

  • Wait What !!

    it is not nice,

    you could prevent by mp before banish me that I had put into credit for -33 horses. I not know, I do not think its really counted I had no idea what his serve !! and you must ask these credit horses.

    banned until May 4th !! three months for just credits ... it's unfair. really, i'm on equus sims to have fun! it was the only place i feel good !!
    thank you for cutting me the grass under the foot!

    it's disgusting really !!

  • Administrators

    We put a lot of time and effort into keeping Equus fair for all members, and allowing someone to cheat free credits (even if they missed the memo that you need credits to make horses) really undermines our system. :(
    33 credits are worth 66k, and your ban length reflects this value.

    We've glad to hear you have been enjoying Equus, and we hope you will return in May :)

  • no, but it's a joke! i'm not ok !!! Why ...
    you should have warned me before by Mp !!!
    I'm shocked
    Sad !!
    Disgusted !!!
    I do not understand !
    this act is perceived as a stab in the back!
    there is nothing in the fair it's disgusting that's it !! I registered horses in show !! how to know the result !!
    and if I remember correctly his long time I have is -33 credits. you could have frankly told me before by MP really!!!

    and you hope I come back ?! I might never be back !! because of -33 credit

    PS : because of -33 credit In the future !!! especially if it happens to other people! what I do not wish! warn them

  • Administrators

    I'm locking this thread since there is no new information to share and you are not currently a member of equus, although I do sincerely hope you will rejoin us in the future :)

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