[Open]EA & Sin's Leasing

  • Leasing Rules

    • Leases are free, you just have to worry about paying their entry fee and keeping their winnings.
    • No files will be sent out at all.
    • Leasers must be active in shows.

    Reason I'm Leasing
    Getting difficult to do show entries through a cellphone :laughing:
    Leases are until I get my laptop back.

    Horses that hit 50 points: you will get $2,000 from me.
    More coming soon.

    View list here.

  • Open now.

  • I'm so tempted just to say 'yes' and lease all of them!

  • I would like to be of more help, but this is all that I can offer.
    I can rent the following horses:

    EA Laced with Love
    Varieur's Cassanto
    Varieur's Mims
    TJS Sunnys Golden Radiance
    PLR Dream on Slick
    EA Fury

  • Bumping this because its reopened.

  • I'm more than happy to take on the leftover show hunters and eventers! Let me know who you want me to take so I can get them entered in the current eventing show before registration closes.

  • @Rena-Cort snatch whoever you want to.

  • @Serenity-Gwin assuming the red ones are already taken, I'll take on Paladin des Ifs, Spinnaker, Avalanche, and Ragnarok.

  • @Rena-Cort the red are unavailable. I'll make a color glossary for when they get taken. I'll mark them as lease for you tonight when I get home.

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