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    Hey Guys, I've been slowly working on a couple things and I decided to share them with you! I'm hoping to continue to add lots of more things, and if you guys have any suggestions let me know! Please Enjoy the goodies I have to share!! :heart:

    Please respect that this is content I made and have chosen to share, please do not claim, reupload as own, or sell them and I can continue to make lots of nice things!

    Marking Set #1 Marking Set #2
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    Revamped Appaloosa Plains


    I have deconstructed and recreated a equine friendly appaloosa plains! I was always in love with this world but it never offered the space needed for my stable so I redid it! In this world I have worked very hard to create a friendly horsy atmosphere. I have even added a small equestrian show ground in the world where you can train and show your horses! It a jumpers arena, a hunter arena and a grass arena. It's very bare so jazz it up! (I eve included some show stall lots for you to have fun with in your RPG) I hope you guys enjoy, this was my very first time taking on a world, so let me know how it is! Love feedback and share some photos you take there!
    The world has:

    • 6 64x64 lots placed adjacent for your building pleasure
    • Space surrounding to add smaller lots
    • A small equestrian show ground

    CC needed:

    • Raymond Stalls #14
    • Horse Terrain
    • Various Barn Signs Pack
    • Raymond's Bleachers V2
    • Christina's Trailers
    • SLS Trailers (Open and Closed)
    • Raymond's Time Table
    • Around the Sims Stand
    • Around the Sims Tent
    • SLS Small EA Barn

  • Banned

    Ohh, the markings! :heart_eyes:
    And the world is so nice, wahh my sims have to move.

  • That world looks great. You maybe want to share the world files too? (I am searching for a world but would need double the amount of lots :sweat_smile: )

  • Love the markings <3

  • The markings are amazing!

  • Great!!
    Thank you so much

  • Wow Appaloosa plains been looking for a revamped version.Links to cc though can not seem to find them sorry. Wow love the marking time o breed so i can use them lol.XD

  • everything here is great! i love the layout of the downloads, it looks so neat and clean. i look forward to seeing more! <3

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