new account ?

  • hi it's nina ricchi

    it's 33 less credit is a mistake I did not know how to pay for it.

    Except my question is simple: can I make a new account and recover my horses?

    thank you in advance for the answer !

  • Administrators

    No- if you try to make a new account to get around your ban you will be banned permanently. Your horses will still be here when you come back after your ban :)

  • Really ?

    and about of the show !!! and auction ?

  • I made a sale at auction! ? how to prevent it from being suspended until my return

  • Administrators

    I’m afraid you misunderstand the point of a ban- you are not supposed to have access to shows and auctions, you have been removed from the forum as punishment for cheating. You therefore cannot participate in forum activities, however you are welcome to rejoin them upon your return in a few months :slight_smile: Locking this now as there is nothing anyone can do for you until your ban runs out.

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