[ENDED - Owners chosen] Freiberger Sale

  • I have decided to sell my Freibergers since I want to make sure to keep my stable small, and to focus on one breed. It was definitely a difficult decision, but I'll be breeding German Riding Ponies from now on.
    I am looking for active show homes/role play homes for my Freibergers. They have all been entered in the Grading Show and we're anxiously awaiting the results! They also all come with custom markings, except for Cirrata GV, who I used Nikki's movable DW markings on. I'm not worried about money at all, which is why I'm asking you to just DM me if you're interested in one of them, and I'll choose owners depending on if I think they can offer a nice home for them. If that's the case, we'll be able to work something out for a price.
    I'm also open to trades or breedings.


    • Do not upload the horse or markings
    • Do not change coat, confo or markings
    • Stallions may be gelded
    • If you leave Equus sent them to reclaimable horses
    • Add your favorite dog breed to your DM so I know you've read the rules
    • If you go inactive for a while, let me know, I might be able to help you out
    • You may sell them, but I'd be happy to know who you sell them too
    • You may change disciplines
    • Enjoy and love them <3

    Andra GV

    alt text

    Andra GV Sooty Bay Mare
    6 years old Ee/Aa/nSty
    Eventing 12 Points Dressage 10 Points

    Solana GV

    alt text

    Solana GV Flaxen Chestnut Mare
    4,5 years old ee/Aa/ff
    Dressage 16 Points

    Apache GV

    alt text

    Apache GV Splash Mutation (Macchiato) Gelding
    4 years old Ee/AA/nSpl
    Dressage 6 Points No straws - based on this horse

    Cirrata GV

    alt text

    Cirrata GV DW (Chestnut) Mare
    7 years old ee/aa/nW
    Eventing 16 Points

    Hercules GV

    alt text

    Hercules GV Bay Stallion
    5 years old Ee/Aa
    Eventing 7 Points Dressage 15 Points


    Horse Applications
    Andra GV 2
    Solana GV 1
    Apache GV 3
    Cirrata GV 3
    Hercules GV 2

  • Beautiful horses! Sent you a DM!

  • Added an application count and a set end date on which I'll decide. Just send in your application by sending me a DM! :blush:

  • OMG Emilia!! Sending you DM

  • Okay, well, this was definitely a difficult decision, as I got a lot more applications than I had expected. I'm really sorry that I won't be able to give a pon to everyone! Thank you all for your interest though <3

    Cirrata GV - @Octavia-Ryland
    Apache GV - @Lidija-Rotherford
    Herkules GV - @Fiora-Healy
    Andra GV - @Lexi-House
    Solana GV - @Rachel-Deacon

    Just go ahead and DM me so we can have a little chat about prices/trades, I'm going to bed right now, but I'll do my best to answer tomorrow and get all files sent out :blush:

  • Development Committee

    Wait what!
    alt text

    THANK YOU! I'm so honored to continue to have Cirrata at my farm! <3

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