Back after some years...

  • Hey everyone,
    probably don't remember me, as I was all in building mode when I started here about 2 or 2,5 years ago. I am a friend of Alessia Southwood, who some might have heard.

    Well, when I finally had finished building and went to create horses, my laptop crashed. Everything gone. And I haven't touched this game untill this week :D

    Anyway, I got infected again and can't wait to start. But everything's different now, and my laptop has trouble with my old CC downloads. Not even to mention that I have almost forgotten about everything I need... I mean.. I remember about PosePlayr... and Nraas Mastercontroller I think..? That's it...

    So... I need help... If theres anyone, who's not annoyed by any stupid question, who has experience with merging ( I tried to merge my stuff with cc magic this week, and did everything like they advised, no mods, skins etc, but somehow most items always went missing.) . I ended up deleting all my CC because the game couldn't even start. I remember it wasn't really playable yrs ago, and it took me a whole afternoon to create a picture, because everything loaded foreeeeverrr.
    My laptop is a 1,5 year old Aspire E 15 , Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz , NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB Dedicated VRAM , 8 GB DDR4 Memory and 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
    If anyone got more knowledge than me about it I'd be gratefull. But I THINK, the game even with CC should be playable, at least starting on this computer...

    Another question I got is (I'm so sorry), I already had my old account on the main side, but couldn't remember my old password, and I wrote an email to , is this email still correct, or did it change as well ?

    And a last quick question, there is and , both seem active, but which one is the "real" one ? Am I even right here ..? I got so many questions I am so sorry... I need to read everything now and look up what changed over the years. How to register horses now and aaah, I can't wait to start :D

    Thank you in advance and have a sweet sunday :heart:

  • Hello, and welcome back.

    I would say both sites you have found are kinda right. Equus Community and Equus Sims were the same in the past. They split, because Christina wasen't enjoying the way Equus was, because she more wanted a roleplay based game, when I remeber right. There are some people playing on both sites and some switched to the new one, while others stayed here. So it is up to you to choose which one better suits what you want to do.

    The first things which come in my mind is also a HD mod for horses. You either can use Dana's or Luke's. Through Luke`s seems to be more popular these days.

    Maybe you can find some other helpful mods here.

    With everything else I am sure other people have more knowledge than me, but I am tempted to say that the laptop should be able to run sims.

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    If you're having trouble logging in to the main site, PM me with the email or username of your account and I'll see what I can do

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    Your laptop should run the game pretty darn good. I suggest not filling up on a crap load of cc. I stick to the minimum of must haves and things that I really like. I think my ccmagic folder is just over 3100 items and I have probably about 400 in my mods folder.

    Equus-Sims is roleplay based with no money system while Equus- Community is the same as it's always been with the mainsite, money system, leaderboards, shows, etc. So if you played a few years ago it was on Equus-Community.

    I suggest checking out the custom content threads to find all the great CC we have to offer. Then maybe checking out SLS community on facebook for more equine related items.

    If my cc folder wasn't all slammed together I would send you my folder but maybe someone else in the community can share theirs.

  • For your laptop problem it may be worth restricting your Ram to 4GB as I know there is an issue with the game regarding Ram, I would also look at locking your FPS at 60, this you can do in the NVIDIA control panel and then in your games settings. I hope this helps

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