Mearhbarrow Champion Breeding Offers (OPEN)

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    Introducing the cream of the crop in our stables. Regional, State, National and International champions from 1st generation to 6th gen horses both stallions and mares alike, some pairings of which produce guaranteed full 25 point bonus. All these horses compete in English Olympic disciplines and are still active with either proven progeny or pedigree or both. All horses have profiles on the main site leading to their external profiles that contain more detailed information about their career, pedigree, previous owners/breeders and the prizes that they've won. For more information, please message Isaiah Pace.

    • Basic rules apply. Foals must be registered and you must let us know the name, colour, genotype, breed and gender of the foal for our archives.
    • Adding MBS as prefix or suffix is recommended but not compulsory.
    • Each horse has a limited number of slots. Breeding offers for horses with full slots may still be considered.
    • Breeding offers for our other horses are also accepted. Please message us for the fees.
    • Prices are negotiable to an extent.
    • 20% Discount for new and poor players (funds $30k or less).
    • Currently BIY services only!
    Breeding planner
    Breed for: Colour
    Attila: Heterozygous tobiano MBS Dorado & MBS Detente Bala: Cream carrier MBS Atlas: No black offspring RDEC Van Victo: Heterozygous grey
    Breed for: Breed
    Andalusian: MBS Dorado, MBS Detente Bala Warmblood: MBS Daisy May, MBS Atlas, Attila, MBS Flying Wish, RDEC Van Victo Pony: TLM Sky's The Limit Exotic: MBS Mahtsheed
    Breed for: Discipline
    Dressage: MBS Flying Wish, MBS Dorado, MBS Detente Bala, MBS Anatoile Eventing: Attila, MBS Mahtsheed, MBS Anatoile Show Jumping: MBS Atlas, Attila, RDEC Van Victo Pony Show Jumping: TLM SKy's The Limit
    Breed for: Bonus
    +20: MBS Flying Wish 10-19: RDEC Van Victo, MBS Detente Bala 5-9: MBS Mahtsheed, MBS Dorado, MBS Anatoile, TLM Sky's The Limit 4 or less: Attila, MBS Daisy May, MBS Atlas
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