[Wanted] Roan/Rabicano Marking

  • Hello!
    Me and my stable partner @Chelsea-Noble are looking for someone who is experienced in making large markings (specifically rabicano and roan). The roan part of the marking has a reference horse that has pictures from a variety of angles, but the rabicano is up to the artist attempting it, images showing the preferred size can be provided if wanted however.

    As the horse this is going on will be co-owned by both of us, we are sharing the cost so the budget for this is quiet large. However, though this marking does not have to be a perfect replica and you have some creative license (and almost all creative license with the rabicano), the closer you are able to get to the reference and the better the quality, the more it is worth (paying to a max of 200,000). Please DM me on here or slack if you are willing to take on this task or have questions.

    Thank you.

  • Still looking for this marking

  • If you're still looking for this marking, could you send me a link to the references? I'm curious about giving it a shot!

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