Maria's Blog - A.. Draft??! 02/03

  • OH what a beauty !!!

  • Thank you all so much <3
    it means a lot to read all those lovely comments cause i'm really insecure about my unedited pictures.^^

  • Look at this awesome 'little' girl :drooling_face:
    Your unedited pics are looking nice to me.. nothing bad with it!
    Wish you a bright future with this stunning filly <3

  • @Ronan-Dhall <3

    alt text
    Guess what.. i'm still lazy.
    so here are even more almost unedited pictures. Those 2 boys are close to their SJ retirement so i decided to enter them into the SJ RP Phase.
    alt text
    Ashbrooke's Diego - a pretty liver chestnut hano stallion we got from @Alex-Richards about 2 years ago.

    alt text
    and the second one is Dynamo L - another pretty hano stallion from @Therese-Lind and he also joined our team about 2 years ago.

  • Banned

    These are still looking great! 😍❤️

  • Go Diego go! He and Dynamo are looking great, I bet Dynamite is proud! :heart: ;)
    I know you think they are very basic pics, but honestly they are so beautiful and simplistic (in a great away) without the editing! What is this sorcery... :open_mouth:

  • Ahh Diego :two_hearts:

  • Dynamo L he's so stuning

  • @Maria-Jones
    your horses are so pretty ♥ my favorite is ZHG Rochester

  • thank you all so much <3

    alt text
    Time flies! Our babies ZHG Mr. Potter (black) and ZHG Verdades (seal) are all grown up! Harry was a bit grumpy cause Diddy is very playful and wants to run around and play all day long while Harry is just lazy.
    alt text

  • ZHG Verades <3 <3 <3

  • PR Committee

    Gorgeous regal boys Maria! Always a treat seeing your pixel ponies on the forum. I could look at them all day. They look like screen savers.

  • Look at the 'little' grumpy Harry! Can't understand why he's so grumpy.. I mean look at the really cute face of Diddy :heart:
    You know I'm a big fan of him and he looks so awesome.. both do ;)
    So nice to see them grown up :heart_eyes:
    also really nice picture and editing

  • They've grown to two beautiful Horses really! Lovely Picture.

  • @Maria-Jones said in Zuchtgestüt Highgrove - All grown up <3 12/07:

    Harry was a bit grumpy cause Diddy is very playful and wants to run around and play all day long while Harry is just lazy.

    Harry is my spirit animal. :sleeping:

    They both look disgustingly handsome, Maria. :sob: I want to rub my face all over Verdades, as if he were some sort of deliciously soft, velvet cloth.

    While I'm here, I'm going to go back and stalk the rest of your album- I believe I once admitted to you that your blog is one of those ones which awakens a kind of fervour in me when I see it updated... at the same time admitting I am terrible at sitting down and finishing comments. I think if I'm to have any luck, I best stick to my tried-and-true trick of ye olde dot points, so here goes, let's finish this. :fist:

    1.) Trussardi is one of my favourite Arabians on Equus. Those liberty pictures you made of him encapsulate all that I adore in the Arabian breed- the fire, the flight, the regality- and I just... am stunned by them, every time.
    2.) Baby Verdades is seriously squishable. :heart_eyes:
    3.) I remember first reading the story you wrote about Kenny and his jollyball on ES, and thinking, at the time, how it was SUCH a cute and original idea, and how my second thought was omg, I hope she makes photos of that horse being ridden with a jollyball in its mouth... I also have a horse who loves his teddy bear (specifically, a stuffed duck) We ought to get them together and take photos of them with their toys. :laughing:
    4.) I'm really digging those show jumping training photos (Hamlet's butt!!) Something about these candid shots just... really appeals to me.
    5.) Felony is quite the looker; please teach me your ways with black coats? :ok_hand:
    6.) Wait, take that back: teach me your ways with all coats. These photos gutted me with their gorgeousness and I see they are all ZHG horses.
    7.) That picture of Alvarito is absolutely sublime; everything from the softness of the painting to the late-summer afternoon, pastoral kind of ambience it has. Not sure if it speaks to my secret admiration of baroque horses or my countryside upbringing, but I love it. Do you still have Alvarito? I would love to see him make an appearance again! <3
    8.) The bull appears in an album about warmbloods (and a scattering of Arabians) competing in English disciplines. With no context. Where does he come from?? What does he do??? I need a story about this bull, Maria!

    I read you aren't a fan of upvoting BUT I HAVE UPVOTED STUFF ANYWAY because I like it. Please enjoy thirty thousand notifications along the lines of Ariadne Waters has upvoted your post.... because I have certainly enjoyed scrolling through your lovely album, viewing your artwork and reading the little tidbits about your horses. :heart:

  • Absolute gorgeous big babies :heart:

  • Holy heck!So many beautiful horses! I love the smoothness in ur pictures! <3

  • @Luke-Alhmann thank you :)
    @Danielle-Maddox aww you're too sweet <3
    @Ronan-Dhall <3 <3
    @Freya-Karlsson thank you :)
    @Ariadne-Waters i know i already told you how much your comment means to me <3 but i will repeat it anyway. i can't believe you looked through the whole blog <3 it made me so happy to see how much time you spent to write this comment. Thank you so much <3

    1. Yes, Kenny and your horse should meet one day. I totally agree!
    2. Alvarito is still with me. i want to show him off again but i absolutely hate to edit his mane xD
    3. The bull, Angus, is my baby xD i made him and a few cows just for fun and decided to edit a picture of him. If you know how bad sim cows look, you can tell how much i edited this picture hahah. But it was fun! and i'd love to edit another one but unfortunately, there are only the LS cow poses around. Which means: cutting poses. And there is only one "normal" pose and i used it for this picture xD so i'd need more cow poses first - problem is i have no idea how to make poses that make horses look like cows xD

    @Annalena-Voigt @Ivan-Kanerva thank you both! <3

    alt text
    ZHG Rochester
    (this was the first time i ever edited snow on a horse.. so please don't look too close xD i have absolutely no idea why the mane is grey-ish cause it was 100% black when i finished the picture. I was too lazy to change it cause i already closed Photoshop and didn't save the PSD file LOL)
    alt text

  • alt text
    alt text

  • These are amazing! Cant believe the detail in the hair and snow! Youre such a talented editor <3

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