Maria's Blog - A Special Guest & Play Date 06/30

  • you have to re-create your drafts!

    I still can't really believe that it happened.. I'm still sorry about it, but hey, I'm really proud that you're starting to like your WBs again!
    So I'm hoping for more pictures coming along the next months ;) <3

    btw: he was a gorgeous draft boy :disappointed_relieved:

  • Computers are really throwing a fist at you at the moment, ugh! I hope you will find the motivation to re-create the drafts again <3 They were so pretty :heart_eyes: I'm glad that you've found your motivation for your WB's again at least, that's one step in the right direction ^^

  • He's a really beautiful horse! It's a shame you lost the files. I do hope you recreate him though.

  • @Shea-Hamilton me too thank you so much ❤
    @Annalena-Voigt yeah 😞 i finished my world just 2 days before it happened. And it's gone lol. But it's alright. I'm glad i could save all my othet horses. Thank you! i really liked him too.
    @Ronan-Dhall but effooooort haha maybe i will try to recreate them or just make new ones some day. i will try to post more xD i promise. ~~what about your blog? xD ~~
    @Therese-Lind they really hate me lately xD but i won't let them win hahah
    @Samantha-Jadirea thank you! i hope i can recreate them someday cause it was fun having chunky horses. ❤

  • That's a big 'oops' :sweat_smile:
    At least you have your mods and Sims backed up at least! It's never fun spending hours trying to hunt down that one piece of CC that is so obscure no one has it but you need it or your game will fall apart. The world/facility part OUCH - I hope their is a miracle and you randomly find it backed up somewhere :pray_tone1:

    But on to the big chunk up there; hes so cute omg. Your horses are so matte and soft I adore them :heart:

  • @Eowyn-Vance a very big 'oops' indeed :joy:. That was actually my biggest fear.. to hunt down all the CC - thank god i backed it up! I already made a new world/facility so all good haha. And thank you! <3

    alt text
    Just some edited and unedited cause i'm lazy pictures for the Carolan Estate's Summer Grading.

    ZHG Khaleesi
    alt text

    ZHG Atréju
    alt text

    Ocean Pearl's Xetta @Nicole-Loeffler
    alt text

    VPE Arabesque @Ellory-Clarke
    alt text

    WRNGS Nausica @Dimitri-Dane
    alt text
    Thanks for stopping by. <3

  • Wauw... Lovely horses! What shines and eye mod do you use? And also hd mod? xD
    Me atacking everyone to get to know what cc they use, muhahahahhaaaa

  • gfdajha WOAH. now those are some handsome horses, I don't even care if there's mostly mares, those are some handsome mares.

  • @Thea-Radmer Thank you! I use so many shines xD But the one i use the most is probably the russian shine.
    I use this eye mod and i the 4K Butter HD Mod if i remember correctly :slight_smile:
    @Marquis-Moulin thank you <3 i always enter my stallions so i decided to enter my mares this time let's just ignore Atréju.

  • I wasn't ready for this and I can't wait to see more!

  • @Maria-Jones said in Maria's Blog - Carolan Estate's Summer Grading 06/07:

    @Marquis-Moulin thank you <3 i always enter my stallions so i decided to enter my mares this time let's just ignore Atréju.

    It's hard to ignore a stallion like him, I mean- damn, look at that deep red coat

  • Competition Committee

    oh my, i swear, your horses are always so soft :two_hearts:

  • That Dark Chestnut is to die for! :heart_eyes:

  • It's hard to resist the urge to steal Atréju. He's so droolworthy :drooling_face:

  • Not only do the undedited ones look already absolutely gorgeous, no, the edited ones are completely killing it! Atréju's tail is so fluffy and light :heart_eyes: They all look amazing, really really great work! :heart:

  • OMG I am in absolute heaven with these new pictures for the grading show!!! Your editing is so beautiful and smooth, gahh these are stunning! Atréju is absolutely stunning and Khaleesi is so elegant and gorgeous. Such an amazing job!!

  • They're all amazing, Maria <3 but Atréju, wow what a hunk :heart_eyes:

  • I need to agree with everyone here :D really really great pictures, all of them, but Atréju gets the cake <3

  • Khaleesi is so gorgeous, the contrast in her coat is very pleasing to the eye. But I have to say, they are all pretty stunning and look so soft

  • Thank you all so so much for your comments <3

    alt text
    i mentioned a while ago that ZHG Kensington has a strange addiction with jolly balls and plush toys. Hence why he has his very own Teddy Bear. He's only allowed to play with it when someone's around because otherwise he'd destroy it and probably eat half of it. So every morning, when we enter the stable and start the day, someone opens the door so he can say hello to his friend who's been waiting infront of his stall all night.
    alt text

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