Maria's Blog - Kensington and his Teddy Bear 06/10

  • Khaleesi is so gorgeous, the contrast in her coat is very pleasing to the eye. But I have to say, they are all pretty stunning and look so soft

  • Thank you all so so much for your comments <3

    alt text
    i mentioned a while ago that ZHG Kensington has a strange addiction with jolly balls and plush toys. Hence why he has his very own Teddy Bear. He's only allowed to play with it when someone's around because otherwise he'd destroy it and probably eat half of it. So every morning, when we enter the stable and start the day, someone opens the door so he can say hello to his friend who's been waiting infront of his stall all night.
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  • Ohh no, absolute cutie pies the two :heart:

  • Hola! It's me again, right on time according to my six-month commenting schedule. Shall we get stuck straight into it?

    • SWEET tartlets that photograph of Rochester :heart_exclamation: I feel like I'm standing in the haze of the blizzard, my face and nose cold and dusted with snow, struggling to walk into the wind. What a mood you've created! Gads, I love it. What else is there to say? :heart_eyes: Well done!
    • Beata's forelock looks like it would be as soft as goose feather down and I want to touch it
    • NAMELESS DRAFT HAS THE CUTEST EXPRESSION. What a sweet, sweet face!
    • ... while searching to see if this sweetie pie has a name I've discovered you've, ah... encountered a nice little time with your PC. :disappointed: I'm sorry that happened to you. But as everyone pointed out, at least you had the majority of things backed up! I don't think I could have gone on if you'd lost Kenny, for example. :broken_heart:
    • Speaking of which-
      alt text
      THERE HE IS. Maria. I am :boom: . Rendered speechless. LOOK AT HIM! Aaaaaaah, he is all that is good and sweet in the Equus world. Can I call dibs if you leave? Please? He's just too precious for words. :sob: :heart: Also, yes!! We need to get he and High Street together for teddy time!
    • Okay. Okay. I'm okay. Last comment: your grading entries. Flawless, as one would expect. My only complaint is AtrΓ©ju. Your ability to make to die for liver chestnut coats offends me to the highest degree. :sob: He and Khaleesi look like they're cloaked in damn gossamer. How?!

    Please keep devastating me with your beautiful things. If that's a tall order, I will settle for pictures of Kenny being Kenny. Whatever. Anything. I'll enjoy it regardless. <3

  • @Annalena-Voigt thank you ❀
    @Ariadne-Waters oh youuuu... 😭❀ thank you so so much for taking the time to look and comment all these old pictures (again).
    Nameless draft was the cutest. 😭 it's so sad i lost him. But maybe i will recreate him one day. I'd be devastated if i'd lose Kenny!
    And yes! I promise. If i ever leave Equus Kenny will be yours. He'd deserve a teddy buddy and who'd be better than the one and only High Street with his duckie. πŸ₯
    And you already know how to deal with plushy addicts. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜

  • Competition Committee

    Kensington and his bear are the cutest :two_hearts:

  • Kensington and his teddy bear are adorable! It’s cute to see pictures like this

  • Awww look at him saying hello :heart_eyes:

  • OMGosh he looks so cute with his teddy bear!!!!! i hope he enjoys talk time with his teddy.

  • @Rena-Cort they are! ❀
    @Sadie-Woodson thank you!
    @Lidija-Rotherford Cute as a button πŸ˜†β€
    @Siri-Kane he sure does enjoy it every morning πŸ˜†

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