Maria's Blog - No Draft? 26/04

  • @Neeve-Kalford aw thank you so much :heart:
    @Toni-Lamberti Thank you <3
    @Luke-Alhmann me too :D
    @Mira-Green Thank you! i'm not 100% happy with it tho xD
    @Ronan-Dhall :heart: :heart: thank you so much. i'd not be able to finish half of my pictures without you cause i'd just give up xD

    alt text
    alt text
    Ocean Pearl's Xetta & ZHG Khaleesi
    LG Penzance, Svana PL, VPE Arabesque & DPS Canazai (in the background)

  • the grey ♥ very beautyful Horse :)

  • Xetta !!! Khaleesi <3 love all your horses

  • Awesome🙈🙈

  • 0_1545573107669_5b5a119ae204842616c674c68b1581c0.jpg
    can't say anythign else xd

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments <3

  • Such a beautiful photo... I love Khaleesi she’s beautiful!

  • PR Committee

    Eek, you're so productive I've missed so many updates. Oops :innocent:
    Rochester is one of my favourite horses you have, and just look at him in all that snooooow :snowflake:

  • What a stunning picture!

  • Maria, your pictures get me every time. they carry such a warm feeling to them and your editing is flawless, i’ve always admired it as you can really pull of such a stunning picture :heart_exclamation:

  • Competition Committee

    I really need to get better at keeping up with commenting in peoples blogs :rolling_eyes: Luckily I have already been able to comment on your pictures in our slack chats and you know that I love every single one of them :heart:

  • @Alex-Richards thank you xD
    @Callixta-Rosella <3 Rochester is definitely one of my favourite horses too.
    @Neeve-Kalford thank you <3
    @Charlie-Smith you're too sweet <3
    @Anna-Hertler hahah i know the feeling. i rarely ever comment in blogs. :see_no_evil: thank you <3

    alt text
    alt text
    Beata L a 6 y/o North Swedish Draft from @Therese-Lind

  • beautiful <3 love cute face

  • AMAZING - SO SOFT :heart:

  • Your horses look like actual velvet, I just want to reach through the screen and pet them all <3 :horse:

  • PR Committee

    The smooothness of that coat :drooling_face: Your editing is wonderful too, I just want to pet that fluffy forelock :heart_eyes:

  • thank you all for your lovely comments <3

    alt text
    it's been a while. I had some issues with my new laptop and Sims (i still have them but i guess i just have to get used to it) so i lost my motivation for my Sims. Especially with my WBs cause i have to update at least half of them cause they look weird on the new computer and i don't want to do that lol.
    So i played around in CAS for a while to find my motivation again and decided it'd be cool to kind of "start over". I still own all my WBs and i will keep them. I just don't want to take pictures of them at the moment so i decided to make a 2nd stable with drafts. still looking for a good name. yes, drafts. Rhineland Heavy Drafts to be exact. It's a german draft breed and very rare on EC xD i always wanted one so why not have a few? This is the first one i can show off. He still has no name so please feel free to make name suggestions.
    alt text


  • Competition Committee

    It's a german draft breed and very rare on EC xD i always wanted one so why not have a few?

    I sense hoarding! Definitely hoarding! I knew you would fall into the pit one day, I knew it! This made my day :joy:
    Your draft is very cute and gorgeous, you did an amazing job on him :heart:

  • Excellent, you should definitely hoard some more of these beauties. This one is stunning!

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