Maria's Blog - No Draft? 26/04

  • Ohhh I haven't commented yet, buuuut Maria! :sob: Thats a really really good boi, he looks so innocent and so fluffy and chunky!! :two_hearts: Because of you I want a big boy too...

    And about the names...maybe Lanzelot, Erlander, I think Arthur is also a cool name or Obelix, haha!

  • oh wow! i'm overwhelmed. Thank you for those lovely comments <3 <3

    Sooo.... my laptop decided it'd be fun to delete everything Sims related a few weeks ago. I wanted to clean my drive from unnecessary programs/files so i downloaded a program to do that for me. However it somehow didn't get the "do not delete Sims!" part and it deleted everything.
    The game itself, every single folder, mods etc. just everything.
    Thank god i had all my mods and sims backed up and only lost my world/facilities and the latest horses which happened to be my 2 drafts and a dark bay WB cause i didn't back up their files yet. :(
    i edited a picture of my second stallion before my laptop decided to freak out but i never finished it. And i also lost the PSD file so all i have left is a screenshot of the unfinished picture.
    I want to show it anyway cause i really really liked this guy :shrug:
    i don't know if i will recreate them or not tbh. For now i finally found my motivation for my WBs again so we'll see.
    alt text

  • I really suck at keeping track at blogs I need to comment on He and your other boy are so stunning! Even though this picture isn't finished it's still amazing :heart: I really love the style in which you make your horses :heart_eyes:

  • Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that all your sims stuff got deleted! :cry: Thank heavens you backed up most of your horses!

    The draft boy is a stunner, though! I love the dark shade of red roan, I hope you will find the motivation to recreate him! :heart:

  • you have to re-create your drafts!

    I still can't really believe that it happened.. I'm still sorry about it, but hey, I'm really proud that you're starting to like your WBs again!
    So I'm hoping for more pictures coming along the next months ;) <3

    btw: he was a gorgeous draft boy :disappointed_relieved:

  • Computers are really throwing a fist at you at the moment, ugh! I hope you will find the motivation to re-create the drafts again <3 They were so pretty :heart_eyes: I'm glad that you've found your motivation for your WB's again at least, that's one step in the right direction ^^

  • He's a really beautiful horse! It's a shame you lost the files. I do hope you recreate him though.

  • @Shea-Hamilton me too thank you so much ❤
    @Annalena-Voigt yeah 😞 i finished my world just 2 days before it happened. And it's gone lol. But it's alright. I'm glad i could save all my othet horses. Thank you! i really liked him too.
    @Ronan-Dhall but effooooort haha maybe i will try to recreate them or just make new ones some day. i will try to post more xD i promise. ~~what about your blog? xD ~~
    @Therese-Lind they really hate me lately xD but i won't let them win hahah
    @Samantha-Jadirea thank you! i hope i can recreate them someday cause it was fun having chunky horses. ❤

  • That's a big 'oops' :sweat_smile:
    At least you have your mods and Sims backed up at least! It's never fun spending hours trying to hunt down that one piece of CC that is so obscure no one has it but you need it or your game will fall apart. The world/facility part OUCH - I hope their is a miracle and you randomly find it backed up somewhere :pray_tone1:

    But on to the big chunk up there; hes so cute omg. Your horses are so matte and soft I adore them :heart:

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