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    It's so charming I want to explode with delight. I keep telling you. :boom:

    @Maria-Jones said:

    Moritz aka Mo aka Terror Pony aka Terror Floof aka "he's stealing my horse's food" aka "he's bullying my 5'7" warmblood" aka "he's so cute tho!"

    (PS. translate 'Terror Floof' into German for me. My education requires it. :smirk: )

    @Maria-Jones said:

    he was so bored when he had to stay in his stall because he couldn't see anything, and Mo wants to see everything cause he's afraid to miss the important stuff.

    Well, it's only fair!! Poor little Mo :broken_heart:

    @Maria-Jones said:

    The mares' section of the barn is the only place he's not allowed to visit. Because he's a mighty stallion and he knows that

    Okay but hear me out: Shetland cross foals. Just once, Maria! Please?? Think of how cute that would be! OH- you could make a picture of it snuggling up with Kenny's teddy bear. It would be all fluffy and tiny and YES. You have to. You owe me after what you did to The Duck :tm: :laughing: :sob:

    @Maria-Jones said:

    He sometimes joins the boys on the pasture (he'll just squeeze himself through the fence) or he grazes next to the arena and he sometimes decides to take a sand bath in the middle of a dressage lesson.

    I would like to see you make both of those pictures because I think they'd be (1) flawless, (2) perfectly entertaining and (3) so adorable I'd die.

    Seriously though, he's the cutest little lump and I love the personality you've injected into him in but a handful of words! I can't wait to see more of Mo's adventures. I might have to sneak him into Agatha and Caleb's visit somehow this calls for another rewrite! kidding

    Love your work. <3

    PS. I see my godson in the background. Please kiss his glorious pink nose for me.
    PPS. Stable tour? :heart_eyes:

  • @Ariadne-Waters you're too nice. You know that, right? :sob:
    Terror Floof... uhhhh Terror Flausch (?) :joy: i don't think there is a german word for "floof".
    Don't tempt me to make weird shetland sized hanos! Kenny would be very jealous if someone else would snuggle with his Teddy :thinking:
    hahah maybe i will try to make one of those pictures someday xD
    Thank you so much <3
    i would make a stable tour. But my stable isn't even half done yet. :joy:

    alt text
    i can't even tell you how excited i am to finally be able to show these babies off.
    1. because i love them all (and that's rare)
    2. it took forever to make them
    3. it took even longer to finish these pictures
    i'm gonna introduce them in alphabetical order because it's easier XD

    Cute as a button but will nip the crap out of you if given half a chance. Akela is a cute little min. sabino chestnut filly sired by Woodford's Aktzentus and out of ZHG Vienne. She's anything but shy and loves to nibble on everything.
    alt text

    My personal fav She is sired by Ocean Pearl's Apotheker and out of VPE Arabesque. She has a double assessment in Show Jumping and Dressage so we have high hopes for this little girl. She is a very independent young lady and likes to explore on her own the disfavor of her dam.
    alt text

    A very special boy :heart: . All credits for the coat and the adult confo (you'll see it later) go to @Elaine-Rose. Thank you again, dear! You did an amazing job! Cascari is one of the smaller foals out of this group. He's sired by ZHG Chronos and out of ZHG Revanche. As you can see, he's a mama's boy and likes to stay by her side.
    alt text

    A beautiful liver chestnut colt sired by Ashbrooke's Diego and out of @Fernanda-Luchetta 's mare Leading Lady SHS (thank you again for the BIY :heart: ). He's one special boy. He already seems so mature and not foal like at all. I bet he will be a wonderful stallion one day. He's pictured with a surrogate mare.
    alt text

    The cute and innocent Leelah. She was by far the smallest foal when she was born. And the shiest. She still is very shy and likes to hide from humans. But her curiousity grows every day. She is sired by Lewen's Lysander and out of Svana PL and she'll (hopefully) be a fearless Show Jumper when she's all grown up. :fingers_crossed:
    alt text

    Sired by ZHG Renegade and out of ZHG Felony. He definitely inherited his dam's beautiful gaits and we hope he'll show them off in the dressage ring when he's all grown up.
    alt text

    And last but not least a very special filly. Samy is sired by ZHG S'Amuse and out of ZHG Deadra, one of the best SJ mares we currently have. Deadra is a very protective mother and always keeps an eye on her little girl. Samy doesn't complain tho she loves the attention.
    alt text

    thanks for stopping by :heart:

  • Oh My Gooooood! Such adorableness! <3 Akela such a pretty girl! And special hearts go to liver boy Delano, I looove liver :o

  • AAAAAAAAaaaaah MAria god !!!!

    i love so much ZHG Rousseau & ZHG Leelah is she so adorable <3

  • I was having the worst day at my summer job when I saw these my day was made! These babies are just too cute and beautiful to handleee!:heart_eyes: I’m in love with Akela and that picture of her nibbeling her moms tail :grin:

  • Okay, okay

    Firstly (the obvious) all of them are beyond beautiful and I love how different they all look! <3

    secondly, their names- you really gave them some special names! :D

    thirdly- I love their little descriptions <3 all of them are so unique

  • Oh Maria, what a cute bunch of babies :heart_eyes: I can't pick a favorite, I love every single one of them <3 I can't wait to see them when they're grown-ups, I bet they will be stunning :drooling_face:

  • HEY, HEY, I take them all thanks :heart:
    I can‘t decide which one‘s my favorite BUT...
    Leelah is as I thought she would be haha, she looks so innocent, I wonder how she‘ll be as a grown mare. :hugging: Althea is so pretty, her coat, her marking, she‘s adorable. :sob: Cascari has an amazing coat, Elaine really did a great job and I love love love his face. :heart_exclamation: Rousseau‘s trot looks already so good, surely he will be an amazing dressage boy in the future. :clap: Sambary‘s little snip is the cutest thing I‘ve ever seen and that tiny star tho, can‘t handle it. :heart_eyes: I wish good luck with the babies, they are lovely, I can‘t wait to see them growing up! You did an amazing job with creating them! :kiss:

  • Competition Committee

    Ahhhhh, they're all so cute! :sparkling_heart:

  • I literally scrolled through this post with my mouth open, jaw dropped. These little babies are so feaking adorable and I love the way you have presented them here! This makes me want to make foals instead of just making my foals adult horses right away, but I am always too lazy. This is a seriously gorgeous group of horses here, I don't know if I could pick a favorite if I tried! :heart_eyes:

  • Awww they are all so lovely and I don't know who is my favorite <3 <3

  • Maria, I just can't handle those. Seriously.
    When you told me about foal photos I already knew they would melt my heart. But I can't even :heart_eyes:
    Their characters sound just lovely, and your editing is... goals. I love the neat, yet colorfull looks they have.
    Akela's photo is adorable - I love her eating her dam's tail. We have had a lot of foals doing that in our RL barn and it gives me such a realistic, warm feeling (yet it can be very annoying regarding our mares looks in the end xD) .
    I'm glad you've decided on making a foal photo for Cascari - I told you he'd look lovely, and so he does! Also, Leelah's marking, personality and name are just heart warming.
    To try and help myself from writing a longer text than your own, Delano is my personal favorite for obvious reasons - I'm in love. You've done an amazing job on his liver noot coat (and even inspired me greatly). I love the name you ended up choosing. His minimal markings and sculpted head are the cherry on the top - be sure I'll be looking him closely and I'm very excited to see how he does :two_hearts:

  • Development Committee

    So many beautiful babies you have, Maria! :heart_eyes: I was originally just going to make my foal crop adults right away, but now I really want to update my foal template and take pictures of them as babies first! I might actually do that after seeing these beauties! :laughing:

    I loved every single one of these gorgeous little ones, they seem to have so much personality! However, I think my favourites must be Althea and Cascari, those two were really standing out. Cascari's beautiful grey coat gives me goosebumps...And Athea, wow! her shade of bay is just stunning. I might need a dark bay or two from you some day, they really are beautiful!

  • they´re sooooo cute

  • Gah to many beautiful babies!! I am mega in love with them all, but ZHG Akela has to be my favorite, what a cheeky one.

  • oh wow i'm overwhelmed by all these lovely comments!
    Thank you all! Every single one means so much to me :sob: :heart:

  • why don't I get notified when someone @'s me ?? I absolutely LOVE all these foals & I'm so glad everyone likes Cascari!! He looks amazing in your game & tbh I'm loving his face & your editing is so stunning! I wish I could do what you do! Also i have to say your horses are GORGEOUS & i second Diana!! I need a dark bay/bay from you one day!

  • What stunning babies!!

  • Everyone sees this as you displaying your babies but only I, your friend, see through the facade for what it really is, which is a desperate cry for help. Help, I have too many foals running around. I can't handle them all; I'm overwhelmed. But it's okay, Maria. It'll be okay. I, as your friend, take it upon myself to unburden you by heroically opening up Lowmax' doors to accommodate them all. I know- it's a big favour, but I'm happy to do it. And don't worry. I'll make sure they're happy.

    alt text

    Parroting what everyone else said: they're ten tonnes of adorable. I'm definitely going to play favourites though and tell you I'm already fond of Akela, Althea and Rousseau- Rousseau because he looks strikingly elegant; Althea, because she's just plain beautiful; and Akela, because well-

    @Maria-Jones said:

    "She... loves to nibble on everything."

     - we're kindred spirits. :smirk:

    I'm looking forward to seeing the adventures they get up to! Maybe they can have play time with Mo. :thinking: :heart_eyes:

    Also just wanted to let you know that I will be adding 'flausch' to my vocabulary, effective immediately.

  • Awww Rousseau reminds me of my own black gelding :heart_eyes:

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