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  • @Anna-Hertler said in Maria's Blog - Huge ears, big eyes.. it's a.... 08/29:

    I again feel like the most terrible friend in the world for not commenting here for such a long time xD But... OMG YOU HAVE A PONY!! I already knew that of course, but it makes me so proud everytime I see it! And that mule is adorable and so are your foals :sob: :heart:

    thank you so much ❀❀

  • alt text
    just a speed edit of our Kronborg ladies during their SJ training.
    The black one is Kronborg's Toga and the grey is Kronborg's Lady Dax. They both came to us from @Ronan-Dhall and they always stick together wherever they go. So we usually don't call them Toga and Dax but instead we call them Yin and Yang
    alt text

  • Speed edit she says... The picture looks amazing <3 I might have to borrow the idea in the future if I run out of ideas :see_no_evil:

  • What a cute pair <3 absolutely love this photo of the two working

  • I am such a horrible slacker for not commenting on this amazing blog. I adore your horses. I would steal them all if you would let me! That mini mule is adorable. :cat:

  • That speed edit would take me years xD It looks great, your pictures look so amazing, you must have some secret magic tricks from Hogwarts because damn, I'm so jealous haha! Pippin's face is sooo cute, he has this kind of bad boy, troublemaker vibe that makes him even cuter.

  • How pretty! I really love that black, I just may have to add that one to my 'horses to steal' list whoops <3 Gorgeous editing! If that's your version of a 'speed edit' that's just mind blowing

  • Pink nose girlsss! :heart_eyes:
    They look just adorable, Maria. I love their matching outfits and your editing is just flawless as per usual. Toga's little ears perked forward looks just lovely :two_hearts:

  • Look at those girls! It's so lovely to see that they've improved so much since they left Kronborg Stables and that they truly found their perfect home with you :heart:

    Your "just a speed edit" is awesome my dear :drooling_face: The atmosphere is very nice and the colors you used are perfectly matching

  • PR Committee

    That grey is so pretty :drooling_face: I love the overall every-day feel to the picture, lovely as always <3

  • @Therese-Lind hahah thank you πŸ˜„ i'm just never satisfied with those training pictures
    Something always looks weird to me and i can never figure out what it is πŸ˜‚ And feel free to use the idea πŸ˜‚β€
    @Wilder-M-Bernardi thank you! πŸ€—
    @Skye-Valens don't worry, dear πŸ˜† me too. i always forget to comment πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ thank you so much❀
    @Celia-Acosta aw you're too sweet! I wish i'd have some secret Hogwarts magic tricks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you ❀
    @Sorren-Greyer Thank you! All credit for the coats go to Ronan πŸ˜„
    @Fernanda-Luchetta YES 😍 Thank you, dear ❀ i promise i'll finish their portrait picture one day. The manes just bothered me so much so i gave up..for now πŸ˜†
    @Ronan-Dhall thank you again for these lovely girls ❀❀
    @Callixta-Rosella thank you ❀

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