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    Name Breed Color Sire Dam
    LEC Commander Hanoverian Bay LEC Call Me Casanova SFI Shadows Pass
    Diego du Halo Hanoverian Liver Chestnut Devious REC SAEC Kahari
    CDC Don Delémont Hanoverian Flaxen Chestnut WEC Diederik CDC Talisa
    Donnerwetter HAS Hanoverian Black Chalkblack HAS Velvet Nose HAS
    ZHG Finest Selection Hanoverian Grey Final Destination Caitana
    VS Flammenstern Hanoverian Chestnut Flammentanz ZHG Daliha
    Montmartre S Hanoverian Black INA Moe EEC Leonessa
    NGW Outlaw Hanoverian Black CPE Nabisco NGW Royal Silhouette
    Riverside of Winmallee Hanoverian Chestnut Hunter's Zenon Lucky Lotto HAS
    ZHG Romantic Star Hanoverian Dark Bay Renoire Perana
    ZHG Sandro Hit Hanoverian Dark Bay San Fernando Lavendel
    ZHG Sir Donnerhall Hanoverian Dark Bay ZHG Sandro Hit CDC/ZHG Keep The Faith
    ZHG Voltaire Hanoverian Bay Valento Arizona Sunset
    PX Wellfleet Hanoverian Liver Chesnut KS Mr Fanta Pants Laurelin
    ZHG Harlekin Finnish Warmblood Buckskin Handy Man Vanilla Rose
    VS Oberto Finnish Warmblood Bay VS Otello WPE At Haevans Gate
    SSE Canvas Holsteiner Seal Brown SSE Copyright SSE Good Vintage
    BUS Little Rock Holsteiner Bay Lacantus India
    ZHG Lescadeur Friesian Black Locomotion Angel Eyes
    ZHG Alvarito Andalusian Grey Cortez Carlita
    ZHG Trussardi Arabian Liver Chestnut Danawi Ahlie
    ZHG Dear Little Cisco Quarter Horse Bay Roan A Scenic Impulse Look My Way
    ZHG Filou Quarter Horse Palomino Blues Attitude Value Point
    ZHG Dream In Dust Appaloosa Bay Near-Leopard Little Boy Blue Map of the Stars
    ZHG Ascaban Haflinger Flaxen Chestnut Aventino Toskana
    Name Breed Color Sire Dam
    ZHG Belladonna Hanoverian Dark Bay ZHG Sandro Hit PRH Escalade
    Daphane HAS Hanoverian Bay EEC/HAS Concalido CDC Comtesse
    BUS/CPE Duchess Hanoverian Chestnut EEC Death Blow of Abernait CPE Torah
    CDC/ZHG Keep The Faith Hanoverian Bay WEC Knight Divine ZHG Daliha
    Rosanda HAS Hanoverian Bay EEC/HAS Concalido Cadbury HAS
    ZHG Southern Lady Hanoverian Dark Bay ZHG Sandro Hit HAF Song Cry
    BUS Wayona Hanoverian Dapple Grey EEC Washington EEC Cascade

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    In this photo you can see SSE Canvas (SSE Copyright x SSE Good Vintage) a Holsteiner stallion bred by @Mandy-McAvoy & VS Oberto (VS Otello x WPE At Haevans Gate) a Finnish Warmblood stallion bred by @Aada-Wainio. Both are successful show jumpers and enjoy to watch the busy staff and the other horses from their stalls - of course always together. Can't have one without the other. ;)

  • Both horses are absolutely gorgeous, but I love the dark bay's droopy lip it's too cute!

  • ooohh gorgeous horses <3

  • SSE Canvas looks real :heart_eyes: You edit very well!!

  • @Zinnia-Arvi haha thanks :D i like his lip too
    @Nina-Ricchi @Borja-Domecq thank you for your kind words <3

  • Beautiful horses <3 and the eye edit is amazing :o

  • @Marina-Davia thank you!

    ZHG Trussardi - Arabian Stallion
    alt text
    "Trussardi..Trusssaaaaaardii!! come on - hurry up, little guy we have to go,"
    sigh "oh, look what i found in my pocket! A delicious treat. You want it? .. of course you do" eyeroll

  • Oberto cannot be missed as a son of Otello, he has his father's good looks :heart_decoration:

  • Breed Committee

    Wow stunning horse!

  • Of course he'll put on some speed for a treat :laughing:

  • Competition Committee

    Yay! I've missed your pictures in the chat at Skype <3 Your boys are beautiful and look at Trussardi! He looks so flashy <3

  • (I love the caption, it's so cute!) He is so gorgeous :heart_eyes: I love liver chestnuts and his chestnut coat is so rich and nice!

  • Your horses look so great :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford haha indeed :D
    @Cole-Tieman @Luna-Andrews thank you!
    @Rosalie-Clarke Sure thing :D smart horsie
    @Annie-Emerson thank you, hun! yeah, i haven't been very active on Skype lately..
    @Zinnia-Arvi i love liver chestnuts too :D so my first (and only) Arabian had to be liver chestnut xD thank you!

    This wonderful Hanoverian Mare is currently for sale! Check out the Auction thread for more info :)
    alt text

  • She is drop dead gorgeous oh myyyy :heart_eyes:

  • @Zinnia-Arvi bid for her then ;) :P

  • Trussardi is so gorgeous, and the sale's horse is a looker! BUT --- CANVAS <3 Ugh, Maria, he looks amazing and so content <3 I'm glad to see him like this, with his kind and wise big eyes, and his handsome dark coat. Hope to see more soon enough :heart_eyes:

  • thank you, Mandy <3
    I posted this picture on the old forum a while ago. But i love it so much that i want to post it again xD

    "Come on, Maria.. He should look like a proud bull."
    "... very funny, Anna. Do you wanna try it?!"
    "okay okay.. lets just take the picture already"
    "Angus..! Angus. stop! argh he won't stop walking"
    "..with his head down..."
    "Not very helpful, Anna!"
    alt text

  • Wow, awesome edit! :o Is Angus a "Black Angus"? :D

  • @Ellen-Carter said in Zuchtgestüt Highgrove | Maria's Blog - Angus:

    Wow, awesome edit! :o Is Angus a "Black Angus"? :D

    thank you. And yes :P

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