(Ends When Sold) A Downsizing Sale

  • After realizing I have too many horses I decided to go through the bunch and sell a few horses to good homes. A majority of them were all home bred and each of those home breds were raised in lush mountain pastures, but they all are very healthy and ready to find a new home where they can thrive. I'm planning on selling around ten horses, so I'll add new horses every once and awhile.

    Some Rules-
    Please don't change their genders, coats (unless they are graying or fading from grey), conformations, show names, markings, or mane and tail colors. You can change the length/style of the mane and tail, you can make small adjustments to their conformations, you can add new detail and shine markings, and you can replace their markings if you can't find them. Lastly, please try and keep them semi active, and if you take pictures of them tag me I'd love to see them! :smile:
    Lets see the horses!
    alt text
    alt text

    Meet Tuscany aka Toad, he is a 5 year old Irish Sport Horse stallion. He's fairly tall reaching 16.2hh with the chance of him going up to 16.3hh, he's a fourth generation baby bean. His Sire is FTCS Pompeii a very elegant black eventer, and his Dam is RFE Nyala a very sweet mare. Tuscany is an eventer, he's fast, bold, brave, and agile, he loves galloping cross country courses which is great but he can become a bit to bold so he'll need a strong rider to hold him back (hold him back by sitting deep he has a sensitive mouth). Toad is really an excellent eventer he excels in all three disciplines, his elegant looks and flashy movements make the dressage judges fall in love with him, his agility and braveness makes the scariest cross country course seem like a walk in the park, and when he combines his agility, intelligence, and quickness any show jumping course is a piece of cake for him. Although Toad is a great riding horse he can be quite stubborn on the ground, dancing and prancing whenever he feels the need to, but it's more for showing off and he'd never try to hurt someone. Because he carried his Sire's elegant looks and dark coat I think Tuscany will Sire some very nice foals of his own someday.
    Receives 9+ bonus points in Eventing.
    Receives 4+ bonus points in Show Jumping.
    Has 4 points in Eventing.
    Active parents.
    Sale Price is $37 000.

    alt text
    alt text

    Meet Lyon aka Lee, he is a 9 year old Swedish Warmblood Stallion competing in Dressage. He stands at 15.3hh with a chunky build allowing taller riders to ride him because of his round barrel. His Sire is RME After Math, instead of carrying his Sire's lovely grey coat, Lee carried his Dam's chocolaty bay coat. Lee is a nice horse, he has been competing in Dressage on and off for a few years and has earned 56 points, we never intended to keep him but after awhile of training him everyone quickly fell in love with him. He has a goofy personality he loves playing, with horses and people, he knows a few tricks and has been trained in natural horsemanship. Before being trained undersaddle Lee learned the Piaffe and then later on after experimenting he gave us a levade. This stallion is one of the most push button horse's, he knows a lot and is a perfect teacher. If you're looking for a good school horse or a horse to just have fun with he would be perfect for that, he'd also be perfect going the other way and competing to Grand Prix as he would suit that lifestyle just as well.
    Receives 5+ bonus points in Dressage.
    Receives 3+ bonus points in Eventing.
    Active Parent.
    Has 56 points in Dressage.
    Sale Price is $27 000.

    There that's all the horses for now. If you didn't see a horse you liked in particular make sure to come back as I will be adding new horses. If you saw a horse you're interested in DM me here or on slack telling me your plans and why you want the horse. Don't worry about rushing to contact me, this isn't first come first serve, I'll wait a few days-a week before deciding on an owner for the horse(s). :heart:

  • Banned

    I am really interested in RME After Dark! Should I write a PM to you?

  • Oh that's ISH! Write you a PM!

  • Two new horses added! RME After Dark and RME Dark Boundary's found homes. :heart:

  • Awh two gorgeous boys. <3 Wish I had more money.. ^^’

  • Tuscany :heart:

  • Lyon is sold! :smile:
    @Lidija-Rotherford You could have a second Nyala baby! :wink:

  • @Zinnia-Arvi said in (Ends When Sold) A Downsizing Sale:

    Lyon is sold! :smile:
    @Lidija-Rotherford You could have a second Nyala baby! :wink:

    Ya, I know but he's pricey for me given that I have 2 straws from that gelding of hers :/

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